Daimler AG, Volvo, Allison and much more at Ifat 2018

Ifat 2018. Once again, Daimler AG has shown its expertize in terms of environmental efficiency. In fact, a broad product portfolio stood for the company at this year’s Ifat show, held from the 14th to the 18th of May. Ifat is the world’s leading trade fair for water, effluent, waste and raw materials management. This year, it covers a surface of over 200,000 square meters to meet the exhibitors’ needs. Mercedes-Benz and Fuso showcased a wide range of efficient, cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles. The main field of application will be the municipal sector.

A crowded range for Mercedes-Benz

In the hall, Mercedes-Benz displayed an Econic NGT 2630/ENA with a Variopress body, an Antos with a skip loader, an Atego with a road sweeper, two Mercedes-Benz Unimog implement carriers, the new Sprinter generation. But also a Fuso Canter in road sweeper configuration and the new Mercedes-Benz midsize pickup, the X-Class, had their stage. Other solutions for municipal mobility, featuring Daimler vehicles, found their place in the in the 60 000 square meters outdoor area, and in the Truck in Action Show.

Sweepers go Euro 6 at Ifat 2018

Ifat 2018 also saw the presentation of the first Euro 6 hydrostatic sweeper with Allison fully automatic transmission on Volvo chassis. It is a 7.7-liter diesel engine with 188 kW that delivers 969 Nm of torque. It uses an Allison 3200 transmission. The stand of British manufacturer Johnston Sweepers hosted the single-engine sweeper, the Volvo FL 250 4×2 chassis, and dual Johnston VS651 chassis.

Choosing an Allison transmission, in combination with a hydrostatic module depends on, and allows the optimal coordination of the transport mode of the sweeper with the working one. Thanks to the short wheelbase of 3,350 mm, the sweeper is extremely manageable. In fact, this offers significant advantages for road cleaning in small urban areas.

«The vehicle speed can be regulated continuously and independently of the suction power. And the operation can be perfectly adapted to local circumstances», said Peter Bantlin, European sales director for the UK of Johnston Sweepers. «The Allison transmission eliminates jolts due to power cuts and manual shift processes between the two modes, significantly reducing stress and stress for drivers».

The Allison 3200 makes use of a unique fuel-saving technology that automatically selects the optimum gear based on the work cycle and road conditions. Furthermore, the efficient coordination between the Allison 3200 and a hydrostatic unit eliminates the need for a second combustion engine, thus reducing exhaust and noise emissions.


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