The JCB 542-70 Agri Pro telehandler offers a unique combination of engine power and torque, acceleration, top speed and hydraulic power, which sets new levels of performance and productivity on the yard, in the field and on the road.

John Smith, JCB Agriculture Managing Director, said: “With its 173hp engine and a top speed of 50km/h, the new 542-70 AGRI Pro is the most powerful and fastest Loadall JCB has ever built, able to offer even faster acceleration and unmatched towing performance. The Loadall design itself is inimitable in terms of performance and productivity, and now this new model takes its material handling capabilities to a new level with extremely attractive standard features for the operator, while setting itself as a new point of focus. reference in terms of loading, handling and towing performance.

Like other Loadall 542-70 models equipped with the DualTech VT transmission, the Agri Pro offers a maximum lift capacity of 4.2 tonnes and a lift capacity of 2.75 tonnes at a maximum height of 7.01m.

A JCB engine under the hood

While the 4.8-liter JCB DieselMax engine mounted on the Agri, Agri Super and Agri Xtra versions produces respectively 109 hp (81 kW), 130 hp (97 kW) and 150 hp (112 kW), the new Loadall 542 -70 Agri Pro can count on a maximum power of 173 HP (129 kW).

This gives the new model an advantage of 24hp (17kW) or 16% more than the current more powerful JCB models and a 15% increase in maximum torque of 690Nm at 1,500rpm, numbers that coupled with performance of the DualTech VT hydrostatic transmission increases the dynamic tractive force by 22% in the hoeing and harvesting of cereals or sugar beets with large buckets.

JCB 4.8-liter engine

Always in step with work

The Loadall 542-70 Agri Pro is also equipped with a new high-speed version of JCB’s unique and proven DualTech VT hydromechanical transmission that provides precise and progressive control from hydrostatic drive up to 22km/h (compared to 19km/h of the standard version) and an energy-efficient direct mechanical drive with a top speed of 50 km/h instead of 40 km/h.

By harnessing this unique combination of power, torque, acceleration and speed, the Loadall 542-70 Agri Pro can reduce travel time between field and farm and more easily keep up with subcontractor jobs.

To manage the extra power and speed, a new, separate circuit hydraulic braking system has been adopted for the heavy duty 10-pin front and rear axles that meets the European T1b homologation requirements for agricultural road vehicles, as well as air braking tablet as a factory installed option.

In addition, parallel to the rear-wheel drive on the road for maximum traction and towing stability, the Agri Pro automatically engages all-wheel drive when the brakes are applied to ensure maximum tire/ground contact surface ensuring shorter stopping distances.


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