With the HX series powered by the 3.8-litre 4-cylinder 4JTA, Kioti is renewing its range and targeting the European market. The engines were developed in-house by the South Korean manufacturer, and feature a maintenance-free CCV filter, liquid engine cooling and design features to reduce vibrations and noise. The fuel tank has a capacity of 180 litres.

The 4-cylinder 4JTA powers Kioti’s three HX tractors

Speaking of Kioti, one should no longer limit oneself to small tractors below 38 kilowatts (50 horsepower), that are mainly used for gardening. The HX are versatile vehicles suitable for a wide range of jobs, both on the farm and in the field. There are three models in the range: the HX9010, the HX1001 and, finally, the HX1201. The power range extends from 66.2 kW of the basic 9010 model to 84.6 kW of the top-of-the-range 1201.

Under the bonnet there is also Power Boost, which increases engine power by up to 10 hp (for the HX1001 and HX1201 models, while for the base model the figure is just over 8 hp) even under extreme conditions, making it easier to work with round balers, trailers and other heavy implements that require a great deal of traction. The Power Boost, which therefore brings maximum power above 92 kW, only comes into operation when certain operating conditions are met: either by activating the PTO when the vehicle exceeds 0.5 km/h, or by deactivating the PTO when the vehicle exceeds 15 km/h.

Kioti HX 4JTA

RPM Memory and Smart Cruise

Among the features introduced by Kioti’s designers for power management is the ‘RPM memory‘, whereby one of two preset moods (between 1,050 and 2,200 rpm) can be selected so that the HX automatically adapts to the selected speed without the need to operate it each time. In essence, more efficiency with less effort (which is the brand’s slogan). Also present is the ‘Smart Cruise‘ with which it is possible to operate a button with which to maintain a certain level of revs and/or return to that level whenever desired, with a view to reducing consumption.



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