Command PRO EFI ECH440, the first single-cylinder engine with EFI technology

Kohler‘s headquarters, Wisconsin. Here is where the presentation of the Kohler Command PRO EFI ECH440 took place. This is the first single-cylinder engine that integrates and takes advantage of the technology of the electronic closed circuit injection system (EFI). The engine, which can deliver up to 10.3 kW (14 horsepower), offers all the benefits of the EFI system. Efficiency in consumption, optimized reliability, and ease of starting even in prohibitive conditions are the strong points.

Kohler and EFI, a 20 year-old story

Talking about EFI systems, Kohler has at least two decades of experience. The first EFI closed circuit system in the sector dates back to 1996. In 2009, we find the first EFI system mounted directly on the engine. To date, Kohler offers more than 30 EFI engine models. In each of them, and available to application builders, Kohler puts the expertise gained in over 20 years of practice in the industry.

Ben Marotz, Marketing Manager at KOHLER Engines, commented on the launch of the new engine and EFI technology. «Since its first apparition, our EFI technology has been widely used by application builders and well received by end users in a wide range of industries. While working, reliability, ease of use and efficiency are essential. It is gratifying to be able to offer a product that meets these requirements for single-cylinder applications all over the world».


The range of applications that can take advantage of this new engine is extensive. Among them, the main are generators, chippers, cement saws, welders. But also UTV, cutters, compressors, cultivators, hydraulic pumps and the list goes on. Practically, the Command PRO EFI ECH440 is a system for controlling and managing the discharge through the closed circuit system. In this way, only the right amount of air burns. The first aspect to benefit from it is the life of the engine, which is considerably lengthened. Compared to engines in the same range, and with the same loads and work cycles, the Command PRO EFI ECH440 guarantees lower fuel consumption. This, therefore, translates into savings on total cost of ownership.

Among the main features of the new Kohler engine, starting is a key point. The ignition, in fact, is very similar to those of cars, without choke and without a carburetor. This consequently allows it to cause no downtime. In addition, the absence of choke and carburetor makes the overall engine more reliable. Furthermore, thanks to the electronic closed-loop injection system, fuel combustion is optimized to avoid any waste. The consequence will be that the machine is always in operation and allows the end user to be more productive. In addition, the EFI diagnostic system, sold separately, quickly offers a solution to the problem of minimizing downtime.


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