Magni was chosen to complete the handling and assembly of the largest sculpture ever made in France to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “Dinozoo” prehistoric park located in Charbonniere les Sapins, near Switzerland. Created in 1992, the park is located in the Jura mountains, which give name to the “Jurassic” period.  

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the park decided to add a real prehistoric colossus to its collection: the “seismosaur”, a giant 8 metres tall, more than 50 metres long and weighing 8 tonnes.  It is the largest 1:1 scale representation of a dinosaur to date in France. It took five semi-trailers to transport it to its destination because the complete structure consists of eight elements.

Geoffroy Vauthier, owner of Dinozoo, chose the RTH 6.35 for the unloading, assembly and positioning operations, thanks to its 6 tonnes maximum capacity and 35 metres lifting height. Besides its performance, this model was also chosen because its telescopic boom ensures great precision despite the heavy weight lifted.

The machine was supplied by the Magni dealer in eastern France, Ogimat, whose headquarter is 10 km from the park.  

The partnership between Magni and Volvo Penta

Magni uses Volvo Penta engines on almost all of its models. A partnership that is based on shared values and on a global presence which, for after-sales, is a fundamental element. In fact, the Swedish manufacturer is a leading brand in the sector known all over the world.

The RTH is powered by Volvo TAD 583 VE (Stage V), 175 kW at 2.300 rpm: a powerful, reliable and fuel efficient off-road diesel engine range built on the Volvo in-line four concept.


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