After the success of the TF65.9, Merlo has announced the arrival of two new models for the “High Capacity” range dedicated to agriculture, the TF50.8 and TF45.11, both available in three versions to meet different operational needs and equipped with an FPT Industrial engine. The two new Turbofarmers replace those of equal capacity present in the Merlo range, however introducing numerous innovations that make them really new models and not simple updates.

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The new construction layout introduced in the TF50.8 and TF45.11 integrates innovative technical solutions and creates unique machines in terms of versatility, performance and ease of use. Using the countless technologies developed and patented by Merlo, this range is able to offer excellent telescopic performance by increasing the speed in carrying out the work, handling and ease of use typical of Turbofarmer products.

These features allow the handling of large quantities of material in a short period of time, giving the optimal response in the field of logistics, material handling and storage, without neglecting the handling of components thanks to equipment designed specifically for specific needs such as maintenance of large machinery.

They are the most compact models in the “High Capacity” range. Equipped with axles equipped with planetary reduction gears, they guarantee quick and precise work. For this reason, the High Capacity range is used in many sectors: from industry to mines; from earthmoving to agriculture; from construction to waste treatment.


Merlo and attention to saving consumption

Designed and manufactured by Merlo, the EPD system – Eco Power Drive, offers tangible savings, obtained through an electronic and automatic management system that takes into account both engine parameters (revs, power curves, torque and consumption) and state in which the telehandler operates (speed, weight, gradient of ascent / descent, any towed loads) to guarantee the torque necessary to overcome the resistance to movement, thus minimizing the engine revolutions.On the Turbofarmers Merlo offers the most equipped version of the EPD called Plus which includes, in addition to the advantages offered by the standard version, a selector that allows you to set three different modes of use that apply to different operating needs: “Heavy Load”, “Eco” and “Speed Control”.

An FPT Industrial engine under the hood

The engine of the Turbofarmers is the recognized and reliable N45 of the NEF series by FPT Industrial, the “plug & play” engine suitable for a great variety of applications that stands out for its slim design with single-stage turbocharger. The engine chosen for the Turbofarmer is the 4.5-liter (NEF 45 4-cylinder) and develops a power from 66 to 93 kW and is installed, according to the original Merlo concept, in a longitudinal position, on the right side of the frame, at guarantee of maximum accessibility to components in case of scheduled and / or extraordinary maintenance.


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