Perkins Stage V and 85th birthday

In occasion of its 85th anniversary, Perkins launched in the Peterborough cathedral the new Stage V Syncro family. Strong of the synergy with Caterpillar and the good results in power generation obtained by the 400, 1100 and 4000 series, the launch of the Syncro family points to new horizons that may exceed the peak power fixed at 100 kW.

Recirculation is a key point to control diesel and technical urea consumption. For what concerns all the above 56 kW calibrations, Doc and Dpf will be separated by Scr, while in the configurations below 56 kW the Scr system will disappear. We had the chance to visit the assembly line of the Syncro, where all filters have been put on one side to leave the other side free.

Automatic regeneration

Regeneration is obtained through an automatic process, which means no operators triggering the filter heating, nor forcing unwanted machine stops. By rising the tolerance of the rotation system during stress tests, Perkins engineers made more bars available in the combustion chamber for overcharging, and it results in improved wear resistance and adjusted gaskets.

Perkins’ smart approach

My Engine App and SmartCap are two key features of innovation at Perkins. The first one is a software (now available in English, German and French and eventually by the end of the year also in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) designed to reduce costs, by coordinating with SmartCap in the integration process of Perkins engines and machines. SmartCap instead is a cap that can replace the existing caps of all Perkins engines from 3 cylinders and 0,7 liters up to 6 cylinders and 7 liters, either mechanical and electronic. Its utility is enhanced as economical retrofitting for older units, that usually need more maintenance and monitoring operations. A Bluetooth chip and a battery are inside the caps, connected to the cloud, to record level, excessive emissions and leaks, impurities. The cost is 45 euros, which means it could be a cheap alternative to more complex diagnostic systems that rely on input and output sensors.


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