Perkins for SAME and Lamborghini. There is a Perkins Sprint (Lamborghini Tractors) on the back of a Dolphin (the English translation of the Italian word Delfino, the name of the SAME specialized tractor). You’ll forgive the obvious pun, but it is from the official presentation of the 3.6-litre Syncro, under a transparent display case, in the BAUMA Munich 2016, that we replicate as a mantra that the new compact family would ‘smell’ the earth. And so it was. Perkins is back in the industrial (Dieci, for instance) and agricultural sectors, also in Stage V (such as Lindner).

Perkins for SAME and Lamborghini

Perkins for SAME and Lamborghini: 404J, Delfino and Sprint

The Syncro family continues to gain good friends. That’s the case with the 404J-E22T, which remains below the 56 kilowatt threshold. The 2.2-litre, 1,800 bar common rail delivers 38 and 43.5 kilowatts for the SAME Delfino and Lamborghini Sprint. The SDF Group is expanding its range of compact tractors with the launch of the new SAME Delfino and Lamborghini Sprint Series, with extremely compact dimensions, high comfort and versatility. Under the different identity of the two historic Italian brands, the new ranges boast specular technical features and are composed of two models. Delfino 50 and Delfino 60, Sprint 50 and Sprint 60 with a 2.2-litre Stage V diesel engine and power ratings of 51 and 59 hp. The new tractors are available both in an ‘open’ version with folding safety frame with two front pillars, and with comfortable high visibility 4-post cabs (specifically designed by the manufacturer for these machines). They are also offered in a lowered version with rear tyres of only 20 inches, for improved agility in under-hood work. Thanks to their high traction capacity and extremely wide configuration options, the Same Delfino and Lamborghini Sprint are small only in appearance. The technical features, mechanical equipment and performance are in no way inferior to their larger ‘brothers’.

Perkins for SAME and Lamborghini

Focus on the driveline

Due to the 2,200 cubic centimetres of overall displacement, the maximum rotation speed has been reduced to just 2,600 rpm, all to the advantage of reliability and fuel economy, while maximum torque is already available at 1,600 rpm. Compliance with Stage V, obtained by adopting a DOC catalytic converter and a passive DPF (both maintenance-free) ensure careful protection of the environment, without however entailing additional costs when using the machine. A transmission with 12 forward and reverse ratios, robust, reliable and fully synchronised allows the SAME Delfino and Lamborghini Sprint to express maximum performance in all situations. The gear lever controls are ergonomically positioned under the steering wheel. The maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour, reached with the engine at reduced engine speed, means comfortable driving in transfers and road transport: on the other hand, with the super-gearbox it is possible to work, with the engine at maximum speed, at just 260 metres per hour.



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