Prinoth snow groomers have been providing winter sports enthusiasts all over the world with perfect slope experience for around 60 years. During the winter season, these powerful machines have to cope with the toughest operating conditions, such as snowstorms and icy temperatures well below the freezing point. Accordingly, the choice of components is crucial to allow the driver the best possible control of the machine in every situation. Good visibility is an essential precondition thereof.

Our vehicles are characterised by high quality and reliability. We also place high demands, when choosing components to be installed in our machines. With the MDC3 digital smart camera by Liebherr, we have found an ideal visual aid for our snow groomers, since it is robust, adaptable and reliable. These features make it the best choice, when it comes to mastering numerous challenges in high mountain regions,” explains Martin Kirchmair, Director R&D/Product/Quality at Prinoth.

Built for challenging operating conditions

In shaping the perfect slope, snow groomer operators have a lot of leeway. With sufficient snow cover, they can give the slope an entirely new profile and level the terrain accordingly for perfect descents or accentuate the terrain when constructing fun parks. Depending on the designated difficulty level of the slope, the preparation of the surface, with which the winter sports equipment has direct contact, also requires appropriate sensitivity. Good visibility is essential, as the hard-working drivers mainly work on a perfect slope at dusk and in the dark. Coupled with all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures of 
-20 °C and below, this is a major challenge for visual aids. The MDC3 scores here with an operating temperature down to -40 °C and an integrated lens heater that quickly ensures clear vision. With a low-light sensitivity of 1 millilux, the camera also provides detailed images in the driver’s cab even in the dark.

Future-proof assistance

Today, the MDC3 captures HDR images from the rear of the snow groomer and, together with the installed mirrors, offers the driver all-round visibility. This ensures greater safety and comfort on the slope. Thanks to its high image quality and digital features, the MDC3 smart camera is also equipped for the future.

As an innovative company, we constantly work to optimise our machines. The MDC3 is a future-proof investment for us. Its digital technology makes the camera an ideal solution for the further development of driver assistance systems,” concludes Martin Kirchmair.


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