The long-lasting collaboration between Soilmec and Cummins allowed the Italian OEM to find the best solution for the new version of the well-known SR-65 piling rig, namely the Blue Tech, introduced at the end of last year. Here’s what Soilmec management told us about the Blue Tech evolution: «A key advantage of Blue Tech machines is their extremely simplified management of the transition from one work technology to another. In our sector, when technology is changed, more or less important changes are required to be made to the machine. In Blue Tech technology, these changes concern only the mechanical elements, not the systems (hydraulic, electrical and software)».

Why did Soilmec choose a Cummins engine for the SR-65 Blue Tech?

Curious about knowing the reasons that led Soilmec to choose a red Cummins engine – the L9 Performance Series, Stage V compliant – to power the SR-65 Blue Tech? Its power output, first of all, 272 kilowatts at 2,100 rpm, with the possibility of a further power surplus of up to 283 kilowatts. Then, much appreciated by Soilmec is the torque curve studied by Cummins, which has its peak a little before the maximum rpm. This makes the engine responsive and stable at all speeds, even the most demanding ones. In its Performance Series configuration, the Columbus 9-liter has lost its EGR and optimized the after-treatment system, to the advantage of the space required for installation.

soilmec cummins
Cummins’ L9 Performance Series engine

As a matter of fact, Soilmec has been always drawing heavily on the free market when it comes to engines, as shown by the collaborations with Caterpillar and Volvo Penta for hydraulic drills, hydraulic rope shovels and hydrofoils, or with Deutz for micropile. Nevertheless, the consolidated relationship with Cummins dates back to the early 90s and went through the various updates of emissions regulations

High performance, manageability and ease of transport

Back to the machine, Soilmec’s SR-65 is capable of combining apparently contrasting characteristics: high performance, manageability and ease of transport. A drilling machine designed to be able to perform all technologies of large diameter piles for deep foundations. «Thanks to the large space under the drill head and the stroke of the drill head itself, the SR-65 is one of the most performing machines in its class for ‘segmental casing piles’, bored piles with a kelly rod and coated with steel pipes». 

Significant interventions were made on both the hydraulic and electrical systems, with the idea of optimizing drilling performance. And with a clear goal, as confirmed in Soilmec. «Optimized passages and fewer hydraulic components allow for a shorter oil path and more free space for easier maintenance». Changes have been made also to the hydraulic system, with the aim of optimizing performance and efficiency. A new distributor is placed directly on the rotating head. The minimum losses in the circuit, the simplification and reduction of the number of components, as well as the improved sizing of components contribute to the reduction of losses, in the order of 39 percent on the rotating head line.


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