T35.105, Bobcat telescopic handler, at work in the largest marina in Europe

T35.105, Bobcat telescopic handler, since its launch in January 2018 works on the docks and piers of La Rochelle (France) marina, the largest of its kind in Europe. The T35.105 is a fundamental tool for the management of over 5,000 boats moored all year round at the eight piers of the port of La Rochelle, covering a total area of ​​70 hectares.

According to Jean-Luc Dupeux, deputy director of the marine captain’s technical office and principal driver of the Bobcat telescopic handler, the 54 members of his teams perform around 8,000 handling operations each year. These operations include the maintenance and cleaning of the docks, several repairs to mooring piers and other structural work on sailing boats, catamarans and yachts that arrive daily to be repaired and then returned to the sea.

T35.105, Bobcat telescopic handler, at work

Ideal technical features for fingers transport

Compact and mobile, with a lifting height of 10 m on tires, the Bobcat T35.105 is able to handle all maintenance work in the air. It can hold mid air a special platform for the operators, or it can also work on the ground using a mop. Construction materials can be lifted using a winch attached to the telescopic handler, while trucks can be loaded by extending the boom.

In port, however, the telescopic handler is mainly used to transport about 2,500 fingers, i.e. short and narrow piers that extend from the docks and on which people can walk. These piers have a length of 4, 6, 8 or even 15 m and can weigh up to 2 tons.


It also has some improvements

To meet the specific requirements of the activities of the port of La Rochelle, Top Sud, Doosan and Bobcat dealership on the French Atlantic coast, has implemented several improvements on the T35.105.

Metallic paint was applied to the machine to ensure perfect adherence of the paint in this salty environment. On the surface of all the main metal parts a special treatment has been applied to increase its resistance to corrosion.

Furthermore, to optimize the telescopic handler for working near the water, on slopes or on piers where the maneuvering space is limited, 24″ tires have been added. Also, the powertrain has been made more flexible to improve maneuverability, a huge advantage according to the different drivers of the port of La Rochelle.

The Bobcat T35.105 is also part of the emergency operations

The telescopic handler is also used during the emergency operations at the port, for example in the case of malfunction of the locks, or jamming of the metal bridge.

Thanks to an additional hydraulic motor, the telescopic handler offers the breakout force necessary to open the locks blocked by mud, or to lift the metal bridge when its internal mechanism is not working.

Lovis Mehboob, executive vice president of the Top Sud dealership, said: «Bobcat handlers have great potential for growth on the Atlantic coast, and the fact that all machines are manufactured in France is a great advantage. When placing an order, proximity and responsiveness are guaranteed. The robustness, the technical quality and the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty guarantee us a competitive edge over the markets we are active in. We have been Doosan and Bobcat dealers for over 35 years, since 1983».



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