Volvo Penta and genset dealer Rai & Sons will serve the Indian division of Apotex

As a major player in the global pharmaceutical industry, Apotex is on a mission to provide high-quality, affordable medicines for patients around the world. The corporation’s Indian division, Apotex Research, provides product development, clinical evaluation and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Producing more than eight million dosages per year for export. As such, the Bangalore-based company needs a reliable electricity source to run its operations, and for more than a decade has been using gensets made by Rai & Sons, which are powered by Volvo Penta engines.

volvo penta apotex

Shridhara Gowda, senior officer for Apotex Research’s engineering and maintenance department, said: «Because of the unreliability of power supply from mains electricity in this area we decided to launch our operations and we relied on these gensets from the beginning. They have been crucial to the development of Apotex in the pharmaceutical industry».


Volvo Penta and Rai & Sons have a long lasting relationship

Rai & Sons has been in operation for more than six decades and has bases across India. The dealer has been collaborating with Volvo Penta for more than 20 years, and mainly uses the Swedish manufacturer’s 16-liter power generation engines in its gensets.

The Volvo Penta diesel genset engines mainly used by Rai & Sons are the TAD1641GE and TAD1642GE models. The 16.1-liter engines have electronic high-pressure fuel injection, overhead camshaft, turbo, and an air-cooled exhaust manifold. They have a dual engine speed of 50 Hz at 1,500 rmp and 60 Hz at 1,800 rpm, and can be used for both prime and standby power. The TAD1641GE produces up to 513 kWe, and its sister model produces up to 550 kWe.

Saji Cherian, head of diesel genset sales at Rai & Sons, said: «We install Volvo Penta engines in our gensets because they are reliable, robust, and provide excellent fuel economy, which gives low total cost of ownership for our customers».



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