AS Labruna, now an icon of the decarbonisation of fresh and salt water, was at the DPE – International Electricity Expo. Why Rimini? The answer is given to us by the creator of this “land offensive”, the CEO, Massimo Labruna. “We have reached a new milestone in our mission to be pioneers of sustainability and innovation. We are determined to become game changers also in the road sector, continuing to drive change towards a green and more efficient future.”

We saw a preview of AS Labruna’s extra-marine prospects at the 2022 Bauma. In that case the Power80 was in the spotlight. In Rimini the solutions on display are equally innovative and “intercompany”. It was in fact the showcase in which to present LF, FPT Industrial’s distributor for North Africa, a potential reference point for DPE, and MOVe, a startup in the electrification of mobile vehicles. The solutions mentioned respond to the identikit of the PB30 methanol generator, the revived Power Pack 80 and the Metrocab Fresia, electrified by MOVe.

LF: mission North Africa

LF is the operating arm of AS Labruna in the Mediterranean basin. Based in Malta, it manages FPT Industrial’s portfolio of onroad, off-road and power generation applications for the North African countries bordering the “Mare Nostrum,” as the ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Sea. A growing market, which is poised for stringent road homologations in Morocco and considerable potential throughout the whole area for gensets.

PB80 and Metrocab

The methanol group testifies” points out the CEO of AS, “that we believe a lot in the transition process, also intervening on the charging part. With methanol fuel cell, it delivers a peak power of 30 kW, the battery is 10 kWh, with 3C discharge capacity.” The PowerPack80 is an 80 kW and 500 Nm hybrid system, which recharges in 90 minutes. The highlight of the Apulian company is the 15 ton Metrocab (below), with electric traction.

Massimo Labruna explains: “It is an interesting vehicle, unique among vehicles of this size, with a chassis that can be set up in various ways. The main application is on compactors. In fact, it passed the tests, obtaining the certifications to travel on the road. It carried out braking, steering and emissions tests. All components are certified, starting from the R100 batteries, and the engine has been bench-approved by the University of Pisa. On-board charger as standard. There are four lithi-m ion batteries of 25 kWh each.”

The hardest part of the testing is braking, due to the interface with the ABS. The vehicle’s mixed cycle range is around 160 kilometres. The hydraulic power steering is managed by a patented ECU. The interface with the body computer is proprietary software. And it doesn’t end here: MOVe is involved in the electrification of a multipurpose Serie C from Caron and another vehicle from Fresia, for towing aircraft.

What will be the new frontiers of the generation? Massimo Labruna has clear ideas. “Especially in the organization of events, power will no longer be required, but energy. The near future, in this sector, are Stage V endothermic engines powered by HVO coupled to an electric generator that charges a battery pack directly in DC, allowing generation in hybrid mode.

HVO in the sights

HVO is among the likely players to lead a role in decarbonization. AS Labruna has identified alternative fuels as a viable and sustainable pathway, as in the case of methanol. HVO, a biofuel derived primarily from livestock and agricultural processing wastes, avoids the “food-no food” issues of first-generation biodiesel and has the characteristics to replace fossil fuels, without additional engineering and infrastructure costs. A prospect that makes it attractive to a dynamic company open to the paradigm of technology neutrality like AS Labruna.


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