Langley achieved another success with Bergen and Marelli platform. Bergen Engines, formerly Rolls-Royce Bergen Engines, has signed an agreement with CGGC-Unpower, the Chinese infrastructure provider, to supply 80 of its largest engines fitted with Marelli Motori alternators to Malatex, the Nigerian power company.

16 Bergen B36 together with Marelli Motori alternators

Phase one of the project – 200MW of power, provided by 16 Bergen B36:45V20AG gas-fired 12.5MW gensets to Akwa Ibom State, is slated for delivery in 2024. The remaining four 200MW phases are scheduled to come on stream progressively by December 2026.

The concept, to progressively provide up to 1000MW of base-load power to the Nigerian grid in 200MW phases, comprising 12.5MW modules, was originally put forward by Bergen Engines in 2020, when the company was under Rolls-Royce ownership.

A modular approach

Bergen’s modular solution has been deployed on numerous projects up to 350MW elsewhere and offers both rapid and flexible deployment of power infrastructure.

Installations are readily scalable by simply adding modules and can be operated in any combination of installed units, making the Bergen Engines solution a highly attractive proposition when compared with less flexible alternatives.

An example of cooperation for microgrids between Bergen, Marelli Motori and Piller

Less than four months after Langley Holdings officially took ownership of Bergen Engines from Rolls-Royce, its Power Solutions Division launched a combined microgrid offering, focused on a rapidly emerging mix of renewable energy sources. Microgrids with a high penetration of renewable energy sources have a vital role to play in the energy transition to net zero, but the natural fluctuations in output from those same renewable energy sources create a need for dispatchable balancing power that can kick in quickly when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing.


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