Cat electric in Eastern Europe is a ‘walk’ that starts in Poland and ends in Russia. “Energetyka Cieplna Sp. z o.o. has signed an agreement with Cat® dealer Eneria Poland to provide an integrated cogeneration system that will supply up to 8 MW of power and 7.9 MW of thermal power year-round for the municipal utility’s customers in the city of Skierniewice, Poland. The project will expand Energetyka Cieplna’s heat and power capacity to more than 100 MW.

Cat electric in Eastern Europe

Cat electric moves to Eastern Europe: Poland

Eneria Poland will deliver the key components of the system, which includes four Cat G3516H gas generator sets, heat recovery components, controls, silencers, and exhaust components.  Scheduled to begin operating in early 2022, the new system upgrades the current district heating system, which delivers over a half million gigajoules of heat annually to more than 24,000 customers.  Power will be sold to the local distribution network operator. Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management supplied a portion of the project financing. The new system helps to modernize the heating capabilities and improve the environmental impact of Energetyka Cieplna, which used coal for more than 97% of its district heat production in 2019.  Through the cogeneration system, officials expect to reduce the heat produced from coal by about 136 gigajoules per year while decreasing annual emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 52 tons. The plant is expected to exceed 86% efficiency and was selected on the basis of several performance factors, including unit availability and total life cycle costs.  Eneria Poland will also provide ongoing support to help the managers of Energetyka Cieplna achieve the maximum long-term value from the system and focus on running their enterprise. Through a tailored customer value agreement (CVA), Eneria Poland will assume responsibility for on-site maintenance and service, which includes scheduled inspections and oil changes, technical support 24 hours a day, remote monitoring and control, dealer replacement of maintenance parts, and Cat S•O•SSM fluid analysis.

Cat electric in Eastern Europe

And now in Russia

And now let’s deal with data centers, an application destined to become more and more the navel of the world. In this case we find ourselves in the shadow of the Kremlin, in the capital Moscow. “IXcellerate, one of the fastest growing co-location datacenter operators in Russia, has selected Cat® dealer Zeppelin Power Systems Russland to support the company’s rapid growth by increasing the power capacity of its data center campus in Moscow. Zeppelin recently installed and commissioned eight Cat 3516B-HD and two Cat 3512B diesel generator sets for the expansion of IXcellerate’s Moscow One and Moscow Two data centers, which have received the Uptime Institute’s Tier III certification for design requirements. To date, Zeppelin has delivered a total of 21.4 MW of standby power supplied by 16 Cat diesel generator sets, including four Cat 3412 units installed and commissioned in the first stage of cooperation.

IXcellerate data centers

«The ecosystem of IXcellerate data centers, uniting cloud, network and IT infrastructures, is built and developed to satisfy the needs for storing and processing large volumes of data,» said Konstantin Borman, managing director of IXcellerate. «Zeppelin and Caterpillar have delivered a robust standby power solution with built-in flexibility to grow our business, and we will rely on their expertise as we continue to expand and upgrade our infrastructure.» IXcellerate’s year-over-year revenues increased by nearly 30% in 2019, and the company’s growth rates are 50% higher than the Russian data center market average due to several major hypercloud deals signed during the year. Cat® power solutions help data centers meet uptime commitments at hundreds of facilities around the world. Caterpillar’s portfolio includes efficient generator sets with high power densities integrated with automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear specifically customized for continuous, standby, and temporary power applications at data centers.


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