Caterpillar announced the latest additions to its lineup of commercially available power solutions running on hydrogen fuel. Available at Cat dealers worldwide, Caterpillar’s lineup of gas generator sets capable of operating on natural gas blended with up to 25% hydrogen by volume now includes power nodes ranging from 600 kW to 2.5 MW for 50 or 60 Hz continuous, prime, and load management applications. These include Cat CG132B and Cat CG170B generator sets as well as the G3500H series platform.

Additionally, the company offers aftermarket retrofit kits for updating these models to provide the same hydrogen blending capabilities of up to 25% hydrogen by volume.

These new generator sets add to Caterpillar’s current portfolio of hydrogen-capable power solutions. Since last year, Caterpillar has offered demonstrator Cat G3516 gas generator sets capable of operating on 100% hydrogen. It is available with a maximum rating of 1250 kW for 50 or 60 Hz continuous applications.

By expanding our portfolio of generator sets using hydrogen blends, we’re allowing more of our customers to evaluate the performance and sustainability of hydrogen-fueled power solutions in their operations,” said Bart Myers, general manager for Caterpillar Large Electric Power. “This program also provides additional options to help customers navigate the energy transition through future-proof systems that can be readily configured for pipeline natural-gas blending.”


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