Cummins QSV91G is just the last one from the gas-powered cummins engines we talked about. The C25G preview in Ramsgate, UK, was the last opportunity before MEE Dubai for a business trip. It happened just one year ago, before the pandemic spread over all Europe. Now it’s time to move to the V-18 91.6 liters engine.

Cummins QSV91G
Cummins QSV91G lean burn gas generator sets at the new plant in Dawei City

Cummins QSV91G for a 16 MW plant

Cummins Inc.  has installed Cummins QSV91G lean-burn gas generators at a new 16MW power plant to provide continuous, reliable power to the city and region of Dawei in Myanmar. After the growing trade hub and tourism destination in the south of the country was increasingly challenged by inadequate grid infrastructure, the Myanmar government awarded energy provider, Petro & Trans Co, the project to install a 16MW gas-powered power plant. To make the project a reality, Petro & Trans Co selected Cummins DKSH Myanmar (CDM), a Cummins local distributor partner, to support with the development and execution of the project. Despite the tight project schedules, CDM supplied eight Cummins 2000kW QSV91G lean burn gas generators, as well as providing ongoing support throughout the duration of the project – from the equipment deployment right up to the installation phase. To complete the generators’ installation, standard controls were embedded within each generator model to support with monitoring the generators’ performance. Additionally, CDM provided support for the design, installation and commissioning of all Balance of Plant (BoP) items, such as radiators, gas trains and exhaust silencers, to ensure the gas generators maintain a reliable performance no matter the site’s weather conditions.  

Cummins QSV91G

Mr Wele says

Sanjay Wele, Cummins Business Manager-Gas, said: «Our Cummins QSV91G gas generators will ensure that Dawei City and the wider region has access to continuous and reliable power – despite the challenge of high ambient altitude. We’re proud to have worked so closely with P&T on this landmark project and we look forward to seeing the power plant deliver reliable electricity to this thriving region.»

The 16MW power plant was built in two phases with the plant build and installation phase starting in January 2020 and the first 8MW being installed within five months. The additional 8MW are scheduled for commissioning in 2020.”


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