We told you about the relationship between Fpt Industrial and sport, about the wakeboarding event at the Darsena in Milan. Now we’ll tell you a bit more, to understand the meaning of the presence of an engine manufacturer in the service of sport. Alessandro Zilli, product marketing manager, helps us.

FPT Industrial gives power to sport

«We are technical partner of Red Bull» said Alessandro Zilli. «The common point between us and them is energy, you certainly need a lot of energy to allow that explosion of muscularity of the athletes that we are seeing. As far as FPT is concerned, energy is provided by the engines for power generation. It’s a world that operates behind the scenes, which we bring to the attention of all those customers and consumers who don’t usually notice our presence, since we are purely B2B. The message we would like to be perceived concerns the presence and support of FPT in the daily environment. The urban one is very important, it’s a temporary event linked to a rental application, so it’s mobile. It means living the city, respecting and supporting it. In an urban perimeter it reverberates what for us represents our objective: to promote sustainability, to encourage the green spirit, to reduce pollution, not only emission, but also sound and heat pollution, the catalysts that are forerunners of the future. We support these activities because they are the most demanding, one of the missions that motivated FPT to invest so much in Stage V, that is, to make people understand that behind this framework there is us, as motorists, our participation is part of a process of humanising our product, integrating it into an emotional phenomenon».

Wakeboarding in Milan, Italy, powered by N45 and N67 FPT Industrial diesel engines

A pair of NEF couple

Talking about the genesis, «We have set up four machines, two equipped with the N45, the other two with the N67» Zilli stated. «The total demand is approximately half a Megawatt. The N45 Diesel engines are used for critical loads, because they work in parallel and perform a vital service, which guarantees the operations, they power Red Bull’s monitor display plus the cable motor. The two N67 Diesel engines, one on the left side of the Darsena, one on the right side, support the loads of the two wings, I mena stands, music, the electronic devices, the bars, everything temporary. As a product manager, what interests me from a technical point of view is the application. Events like this drive peak demand is the concept of rental power generation. Wherever you have special requirements, peak shaving, special needs, or because of the amount of demand and the nature of the liabilities, the world of generation that goes in parallel, to the main grid. More and more often there are these peaks, and they will be more and more frequent, with the spread of electric cars!»


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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