The video clip in this post contains the highlights of the Isotta Fraschini Motori Engine Road Show that brought the 16V170 G to the OEMs’ facilities.

16V170G Engine Road Show

The highlights summarize the Isotta Fraschini Engine Road Show that crossed Italy, from South to North, communicating the identity of Isotta Fraschini Motori, strategically projected in the IFuture project. The 16V170 G Engine Road Show has consecrated an iconic brand on the industrial scenario, in a key sector such as power generation. At each stage there was a presentation of the 16-cylinder engine, discussions and exchanges of information with a parterre of technicians and experts, sealed by emotions and conviviality at the end of each meeting.

It was a time to get hands-on experience, with an engine and a history, the history of those who have made reliability their stylistic hallmark, in demanding applications such as the military and cruise ships. It was a stage on which to showcase the skills of the engineering, R&D and communications teams, who have capitalised on the requests of installers and the needs of the market in this project.

An experience of both life and technology

Generating energy, anywhere and everywhere, that is the mission of the 16V170 G. Because in the 50 Hz version, the 67.1-litre 16-cylinder is able of distributing 2,085 kVA in uninterrupted power operation, 2,520 kVA in emergency mode (which becomes 2,350 kVA and 2,755 kVA @1800 rpm).
This autumn saw the conclusion of the “Italian Campaign”, which went down in history as the 16V170 G Engine Road Show. The experience culminated in the return of the “magnificent seventy-year-old” D65, a “workhorse” truck dating back to 1951, to Marazzato Collection, near Vercelli, close Turin. A reflection of Isotta Fraschini Motori’s past that reverberates in the present. A tool for work and a tool for work, in communion with the parent company, the Fincantieri Group.


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