A world leader in power technology solutions, Himoinsa made its presence felt at TowerXchange Meetup MENA when it presented its power solutions for the telecommunications sector to the key players in the industry, who gathered at the event held in Dubai from 7 to 8 February.

During the event, Himoinsa offered a comprehensive overview of its extensive experience in the BTS power generation sector, while at the same time demonstrating its industrial capacity to develop power solutions using the latest and most advanced technologies. 

The Himoinsa product is powered by diesel and gas engines manufactured by its parent company, Yanmar, and the competitive advantages they offer, which make it one of the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption and reduced operating costs and emissions, were particularly appreciated. This also explains the company’s decision to focus its participation at TowerXchange on the importance of maximising value and minimising impact, both in terms of costs and the environment, with a presentation entitled “Let’s talk about Power: Maximizing Value, Minimising Impact”.

Elaborating on the same theme, during an exclusive lunch briefing, Himoinsa highlighted the importance of reducing operating costs by opting for efficient equipment and competitive technologies that ensure low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and reduced CO2 emissions.

The highlight of the company’s visit to TowerXchange was its participation in the Dragon’s Den, the event’s innovation stage, which provided a unique opportunity to showcase its new range of HT | Telecom Power products: diesel and gas generator sets designed to be installed in base transceiver stations (BTS), ensuring high levels of safety, extended running time and low sound emissions.

Himoinsa’s Yanmar engine power solution is a prime example of the collaboration between the two companies, which have successfully positioned competitive and innovative solutions on the international market thanks to the coordinated work of their R&D&I centres and their synergies in terms of industrialisation and production capacity.

In summary, not only did Himoinsa present its outstanding range of products, but also played a vital role by making its presence felt in several key aspects of the TowerXchange Meetup MENA agenda, consolidating its position as one of the main leaders in power solutions for the telecom industry.


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