Himoinsa and the Danube river: what is the connection? Through its distributor, All Generating, Himoinsa has supplied no less than 15 generator sets capable of supplying more than 8 MW of power for the construction of a major section of the Pan-European Corridor IV, which runs from Dresden (Germany) to Istanbul (Turkey), providing four lanes, a single railway track, a cycle lane and two pedestrian footpaths. 

Himoinsa lights up that beautiful blue Danube

According to the Spanish company, the construction work began in 2018. A project that has made it possible to build what is undoubtedly the largest suspension bridge ever erected over the Danube. The bridge, which spans the river as it passes by the towns of Braila and Smardan and represents an important step forward in the communications between the two regions of the country. With a length of almost 2 km, this infrastructure is considered in improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, who previously depended on a ferry that meant long hours of waiting even in harsh winter conditions. This new infrastructure has two 7-meter legs, four traffic lanes, two pavements and two additional lanes for bicycles, pedestrians and maintenance work. A dehumidification system is in operation on the bridge to ensure an anti-corrosive environment). Himoinsa generator sets have supplied continuous power both for the extraction pumps used to lay the bridge’s pillars and anchorages and for the welding machinery used to secure all the metal parts of the bridge’s framework. Himoinsa generator sets form part of the machinery used to build this new structure connecting Bulgaria and Romania. The project has entailed substantial investment in the technologically innovative and indeed cutting-edge solutions required to overcome such natural hurdles as the enormous volume of water carried by the Danube as it flows through the two cities. 

himoinsa Danube
Main Danube

With the cooperation of FPT Industrial

In order to guarantee a sustainable power supply in such a natural environment, in addition to its generator sets, Himoinsa has included a high-capacity tank designed to increase the units’ running time and reduce the need for refuelling, thereby minimising the risk of contamination in the area. During the first phase of the project, Himoinsa supplied more than 4 MW of continuous power to operate the water extraction pumps located both on the anchorages and on the central pillars of the bridge, one of which has been erected on an artificial island in the Danube.  In order to extract water from the first anchorage, a 1 MW containerised generator set was installed; in the second anchorage, three generator sets providing a total power supply of 1.5 MW were deployed. Both anchorages measure 40 m in diameter and are 20 metres deep, which is why the efficiency and reliability of the Himoinsa generator sets was key to generating power during the water flow extraction process.

During the second phase, model HFW 600 T5 generator sets were supplied, coupled on slow-speed, 4-axle trailers, generating almost 4 MW of power and running at least 20 hours per day for a minimum of 3 months. These gensets are powered by FPT Industrial CR16 TE1W. The Cursor 16 (BxC 141×170 mm) was awarded as Diesel of the year 2014 and unveiled in the PG version at MEE Dubai 2017. One of the requirements of this project was that the controller could monitor the generators via GSM for geolocation purposes and for parallel synchronisation, if necessary. Attached to the generator sets is a switchboard that connects the numerous welding equipment used during the construction of this infrastructure.

himoinsa Danube
Cursor 16 by FPT Industrial

Listening for “All Generating” General Manager words

Catalin Stanciulescu, General Manager at All Generating, Himoinsa’s distributor in Romania, confirms that “our end customer has been very positive about the compact size of our generator sets with high-capacity tank we installed to increase the running time of the equipment and reduce the need for refuelling, thus reducing the risk of contaminating the river. Another positive factor was the chassis which we designed to retain any possible spillage of liquids inside the canopy itself. The performance and responsiveness of the equipment, Himoinsa and All Generating’s know-how, as well as the quality of the generator sets are the reasons why our equipment was chosen for this project.” 



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