Himoinsa in Ethiopia. How many times have we traveled around the world with PG’s Spanish experts? For example in Norway, Algeria, Ecuador and the UK. Now it’s time to go to the Horn of Africa.
They say, those of Himoinsa:

Himoinsa in Ethiopia

Himoinsa in Ethiopia: INSA headquarter

The generator sets, located at the INSA headquarters in the Ethiopian capital, supply emergency power to ensure protection of the country’s information network in the event of a power outage. INSA is an Ethiopian government agency that aims to achieve greater national cyber capacity. Its key role is the development of computer and data capacity in order to speed up the transformation of the country’s technology industry. In this context, HIMOINSA, through its distributor in Ethiopia, Leed Building Technology Trading, and together with the company Defense Construction, have developed a project in which three generator sets, two HTW 1745 units, powered by Mitsubishi, and one model of HFW 250, powered by FPT Industrial, have been installed.

Himoinsa in Ethiopia

These generator sets are ready to be connected to any power grid outage, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply, without jeopardizing the security of the information at any time. This project is vital to guarantee that the main data systems are available for the country. It´s development consist in 5 blocks connected to each other, which are distributed with three underground parking lots, an open loft complex and an auxiliary one. One HTW 1745 generator will provide emergency power for 3 blocks, the other HTW 1745 for the other two blocks, and the HFW 250 generator set for the commercial block.


HIMOINSA generator sets will thus be able to cover the energy required in the event of an emergency in the 5 blocks for IT security systems, water pumps, bank security systems and internet security systems. Mulualem Ferede, Managing Director of Leed Building Technology Trading, assures that «it is a complex and vital project for the development of Ethiopia in which the quality of the HIMOINSA generator sets has been the guarantee for developing a reliable and safe energy project».


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