Himoinsa has been chosen to supply power to the IAAC’s interactive and digital installation that goes by the name Re-Generation and seeks to raise public awareness of sustainability and respect for biodiversity.

The Llum BCN Light Arts Festival, which has just taken place in Barcelona, in Poblenou, to be more precise, from the 3rd to the 5th of February, featured several installations and performances in which lighting took centre stage in the city’s buildings, gardens and iconic spaces.

Within this creative framework, and in an effort to raise the public’s awareness of our human capacity to regenerate the damaged environment in which we live, students at the IAAC, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, have designed an interactive and digital installation called “Re-Generation”. In this context, they chose Himoinsa’s EHR | Battery Power Generator to supply power to this lighting event organised by the Barcelona City Council. 

“What we were looking for was an energy source that could guarantee zero emissions and zero noise, not only because the ‘Re-Generation’ installation espouses these principles of sustainability, but also because the IAAC is committed to carrying out all its projects with clean power sources that help to reduce its carbon footprint. When we analysed all the benefits that Himoinsa’s EHR offers, we didn’t hesitate to choose this power solution”, explains Pablo Ros, a Tutor at the IAAC’s Advanced Interaction Research Studio.

As the interactive and digital installation had to be self-sufficient, it needed an additional energy  supply of 2000w/h for four hours each of the three days of the festival. Himoinsa supplied an EHR | Battery Power Generator, model 30/30, as well as a “Mini Kit” lighting tower, through its client Martí Canudas.

As the The Himoinsa EHR | Battery Power Generator has been designed to reduce emissions in mobile applications, it is a perfect solution for urban areas. It also combines perfectly with other power sources, running either as a single source of power generation (island) or as a charging station for other electrical machinery, thereby reducing pollutants even more due to the fact that it is 100% electric. The EHR is also prepared to be connected to the grid or to photovoltaic modules, guaranteeing reduced emissions during the power generation process at all times.


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