Himoinsa has acquired Powersil, a Portuguese company dedicated to the sale of generator sets and to the design and manufacture of electrical panels and automation systems. The firm operates in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking African countries offering the customer a comprehensive and specialised service in power generation systems.

Himoinsa continues to position itself in the international market as a benchmark in the design and manufacture of power technology solutions. Powersil is a company dedicated to the sale of generator sets and to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of electrical panels and automation systems.

With twenty years of experience in the sector, Powersil has positioned itself in the market by carrying out electrical and mechanical assemblies, offering comprehensive power solutions, whether through generator sets or hybrid solutions. The company offers mechanical, electrical and acoustic engineering solutions in the power generation sector, guaranteeing a 360º customer service becoming a strategic partner for power generation projects in mission-critical facilities such as data centres, hospitals, major shopping areas…

The relationship between Himoinsa and Powersil began in 2016 when it became the former’s “Official Technical Service” in Portugal. “Thanks to this acquisition, we are now able to strengthen the synergies between the two companies and to start work on a joint growth plan to increase our industrial, technical and service capacity, the aim being to enhance our leading position in the Portuguese market,” explains Sandra Santos, Managing Director of Himoinsa Portugal.

Powersil, which has extensive experience in generator set maintenance, service and technical support, offers its customers a comprehensive solution that includes the manufacture of distribution panels, parallel synchronization systems, fuel supply systems, noise attenuation and exhaust gas systems… “Himoinsa and Powersil are highly reputed companies in Portugal. Now, by combining our network and professionalism, we are joining forces to offer our clients the best possible solutions, products and services,” explains Hugo Arez, a partner and Commercial Director of Powersil.

Himoinsa opened its subsidiary in Portugal in 2002 and over the years it has become one of the Group’s most well-established European subsidiaries. The company currently has a technical-commercial and service team of 10 people working in close collaboration with Powersil’s 29-strong workforce.

This acquisition will allow Himoinsa to continue to strengthen its growth in the power generation market. The company will acquire new companies to complete its solutions for customers in the international market, and to meet its growth targets.


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