Isotta Fraschini Motori completed the 16V170 G Engine Road Show. The final stages, in Northern Italy, were from Bimotor, CTM and Green Power.

Isotta Fraschini Motori 16V170 G Engine Road Show

Ettore Brunero, CEO of Bimotor, commented: “We are paying great attention to the emerging range of engines for industrial applications, focused on the transition to non-fossil fuels without neglecting those applications that require a traditional product. What we would like to see is for the development of this plan to take place within a timeframe that meets market requirements. We would like to see an 8- and 12-cylinder V alongside the 16V, in order to have a continuity of range that is very much appreciated by the market.”

Next stop CTM, nearby Milan

Giovanni Maffi is the CEO of CTM. According to him, “the market today is also made up of battery systems. But I think we will still be hearing the sound of industrial engines, whether diesel or natural gas, for a long time to come.”

Alessandro Rogora, Head of process engineering at Fincantieri said, “Isotta Fraschini is a legendary Italian brand. Fincantieri Group wants to continue to invest in this reality to continue its tradition but, above all, to change pace and look to the future. Fincantieri’s focus on Isotta Fraschini is ‘energy’, so energy production possibly also from alternative fuels”.

Isotta Fraschini Motori

And finally, Green Power

Raffaele Brugnettini, General Manager of the EPTA Group, pointed out that “Ours is a young company, even in terms of company history, being only about twenty years old. We have therefore never had the opportunity to collaborate with Isotta Fraschini Motori. Green Power does, however, have one particular characteristic: it has always had Made in Italy products. Installing an Italian engine and alternator is one of our cornerstones“.


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