The Isotta Fraschini Motori Engine Road Show made a stop in southern Italy. The power generation OEMs who witnessed the ignition of the 16V170 G were Floridia and ASCOT Industrial, in Sicily, and Bruno Generators and COELMO, in Campania.

Isotta Fraschini Motori moves to southern Italy, starting with Bruno Generators

More than 16,000 hours of operation for this 67-litre machine, which is well-known in defense and cruise ship applications, a really demanding mission. Gianluca Genua, Bruno Generators Sales Department, said that: “In the last term the ties between Bruno Generators and Isotta Fraschini have been strengthened, given the willingness to return to the industrial market with genset engines. We have been working with them precisely with this partnership in mind and we are confident that this partnership will have further evolutions”.

Close to Naples, reaching COELMO headquarters

COELMO is a few dozen kilometres away. CEO Marco Monsurrò tells us: “COELMO was founded in 1946, and I have a vivid picture of being a child and walking around the forecourt and seeing this huge Isotta Fraschini engine unloaded, with a wonderful blue logo. Now the IFuture programme puts transformation technology at the heart of the hydrogen agenda.

In Sicily, Floridia…

Moving to Sicily, in an amazing and sunny scenario, we found Floridia first. Vincenzo Perri, Isotta Fraschini Motori, a Fincantieri Group, Sales Manager, stated that: “We were away from the industrial market for a couple of decades, due to a strategic choice that priviliged on-board generation and propulsion for cruise and military ship applications. This choice has enabled us to develop skills that we intend to transfer to the industrial sector. The pistons are made by Mahle, the electronic control is by Heinzmann, the injection pump is Motorpal.

Isotta Fraschini south Italy
And Ascot Industrial

Finally, ASCOT Industrial, focused on gensets for data centers and telecom cell sites. Joe Gelonese, Isotta Fraschini Motori Marketing Manager, explained what future does it mean for the Italian company: “It means hiring 32 young engineers and it also means an R&D centre, strongly encouraged by the Fincantieri Group, to create a hydrogen and energy hub around Isotta Fraschini Motori headquarters.

Luigi Greca, ASCOT Industrial founder, said: “Seeing the Isotta Fraschini team arrive this morning genuinely excited me, because it reminded me of our shared history. We missed each other along the way, and now we can start again together, because we have grown and our goals match. This engine is the base for a transition into sustainability. As soon as I saw it, I thought ‘this is it! This is what we need to achieve our dreams’, i.e. using diesel engine technology and adapting it to any vegetable-based fuel”.


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