Lhyfe, one of the world’s pioneers in green and renewable hydrogen production, and VSB Energies Nouvelles, an independent producer of electricity from renewable energy, are announcing the signing of a long-term renewable electricity supply contract or Corporate PPA.

In 2021, VSB Energies Nouvelles commissioned the Buléon wind farm, which it now operates, in the heart of the Morbihan region of Brittany, and with a total capacity of 13.2 MW. Lhyfe Bretagne, a green and renewable hydrogen production site for Brittany which Lhyfe has started building, is also located in Buléon. The facility, which will produce up to 2 tonnes of hydrogen a day (with installed capacity of 5 MW), will be operational in late 2023.

Under this 16-year electricity supply contract, 100% of the green electricity produced by the VSB Energies Nouvelles wind farm in Buléon will be for the Lhyfe Bretagne site, which will supply the local area with green hydrogen for uses related to mobility and industrial processes.

For VSB Energies Nouvelles, this Corporate PPA, which is the first in a long series to come, represents a real growth driver. It also illustrates the expertise of VSB’s teams and their ability to address the problem of intermittency in the production of electricity from renewable sources. 

Lhyfe, through this contract, continues to strengthen its network of renewable electricity supply partners, securing a local and long-term supply of green electricity for the production of its green and renewable hydrogen.

As an operator committed to energy transition, we can only welcome the signing of this agreementsaid Mael Lagarde, Managing Director and Owner of VSB Energies Nouvelles“We are really in a virtuous circle here and in win-win mode. Supplying a hydrogen production facility helps to create green energy while providing an answer to the intermittency of wind turbines and the need for storage. We are really entering a new stage of energy transition here”.

“Thanks to this agreement, we are securing in a local and long-term manner our renewable electricity supply, which is essential for the production of renewable hydrogen. More broadly, we are strengthening our network of green energy suppliers, and thus reinforcing our positioning and our production model,” Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe. 



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