NGV Powertrain announces a strategic investment by Enerblu Cogeneration, Italian leading company in design, production and distribution of cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

The investment is a demonstration of Enerblu Cogeneration’s full support to NGV Powertrain’s ambitious plan to play a key role in energy transition and decarbonization of mobility and power generation sectors in Italy. It is a crucial milestone towards achieving the shared vision for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Although the current focus is mainly on bioethanol and methanol applications, the partnership anticipates joint efforts for future projects in the realm of hydrogen, illustrating a forward-thinking approach to sustainable mobility.

The collaboration aims at leveraging on both companies’ specific abilities and patented technologies related to hydrogen, biomethane, bio-ethanol, bio-methanol and other alternative fuels in order to boost the implementation of green sustainable solutions in transportation and energy sectors. The partnership solidifies both companies position in development of energy efficiency solutions by enhancing the national Italian supply chain.

Walter Maiocchi, Chairman of the Board of Enerblu Cogeneration, stated: “Thanks to NGV Powertrain’s engine innovations, Enerblue Cogeneration can expand its range of cogeneration plants with low-polluting options such as hydrogen.”

David Caponi, Chairman of the Board of NGV Powertrain, commented: “The long-term plan of both companies is focused on green sustainable solutions for mobility and industrial plants with the aim to eliminate additional carbon dioxide production. With this strong cooperation between Enerblu Cogeneration and NGV Powertrain, a better future friendly environment is now closer to us.


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