Perkins at MEE Dubai. 250, 350, and 750 kVA diesel generators

At MEE Dubai, we had the chance to talk with David Nicoll, Marketing & Dealer Operations Director and with Karan Ohri, Product Marketing Manager Electric Power at Perkins. They explained us the company’s strategies and updates on power generation.

«We have recently launched three new engines. The first is the 250 kVA, a 7 liters more compact and light 25% compared to 9 liters. The power output is the same, but we optimized consumption. The second is the 350 kVA, from 13 liters to 9.3 liters. The third is the 750 kVA, which from 23 liters is now in the 18-liter version. The dimensions are 48% lower».

Downsizing, power density, durability

«Lightening and downsizing facilitate transport in containers and simplify the final installation of the generator. Power density is a crucial issue as well as Perkins’ strong point in all applications. Our strategy includes some basic elements. Optimized combustion, power surplus, radiators that meet the increased cooling requirements. But also lubrication, and components of the highest quality, to implement the durability of the engine».

Durability is, therefore, another critical issue, especially in the power generation market. Together with power density, durability allows maintaining the leadership in the market, as in the case of the 4000 series. «As for the 4000 series, in particular, we have considerably extended the maintenance intervals, bringing the review of the head to 15,000 hours. These improvements have of course significantly affected the TCO of the engine, to the benefit of users».

Diesel, gas, or…

«As far as the growth of alternative fuels is concerned, diesel still remains the only technology available immediately and usable for each application. The biggest problem of gas supply is linked to the lack of infrastructure in the transport and distribution network that still involves many countries. From our point of view, despite the growth of gas-related technologies, diesel will maintain the leadership in the generation for several years more. Also for the excellent behavior in terms of emissions, thanks to the joint improvement of control strategies and abatement of pollutants».

The different requirements that every field of application demands make it difficult for alternative technologies to spread. «One thing we have noticed is the extension of hybrid solutions. For example, coupling engines with solar panels to reduce the loads and work cycles of the internal combustion engine. We monitor the market on all fronts, diesel, gas, and hybrid. We are therefore ready to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. The solar option is currently valid for generator set manufacturers, as you can see here at MEE. At the moment the solar panels are limited to the combination with small displacement engines. Each technology has, eventually, the appropriate field of application».

Assistance, a must for Perkins

Perkins has always paid special attention to the assistance of its engines. Since the introduction of electronic support, assistance and maintenance have changed radically. «All this translates, for Perkins, especially in a platform: MyEngineApp. We have planned to improve some functions for the supply of some spare parts. The central ones, on the other hand, are linked to geolocation, to engine operating parameters, to the presence of any anomalies and malfunctions, and to maintenance intervals. So far, over 70,000 users have downloaded the app. The Perkins SmartCap will also be available soon from Perkins dealers. This is the cap, which can also work with older engines, that allows you to monitor the health of the machine. It also notifies the need for assistance or maintenance and offers real-time location information».



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