Raywin in Europe gets real. After displaying the products in some European exhibitions, like BAUMA Munich and EIMA International Bologna, in order to penetrate a saturated market like the European one, the Chinese have understood that they have to oversee the different areas. For Italy they have chosen Multipower, for France, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria distribution is entrusted to Bimotor.

Raywin in Europe

Raywin in Europe. Talking about the roots

Who’s Raywin? Raywin project was conceived in February 2012, at the behest of Yuchai and Rato. The full operation is dated May 2013, in Chongqing, the megalopolis that hosts the beating heart of industrial engines in China. The range is absolutely transversal to applications. They have powers up to 40 kVA for generating sets, which are flanked by variable speed units for motor pumps and other industrial uses, fixed speed units, at 3,000, for fire fighting, and marine versions for propulsion and on-board units. At the moment the type approval is Stage IIIA; Stage V is being certified. The very first engines in stock, just from July, will be the 9 kilowatt three-cylinder engines for generator sets. For the completion of the range it will be necessary to wait until the end of the year. This joint-venture is a worldwide project, but it is mainly aimed at Western markets. This is demonstrated by the collaborations with British, Italian and Japanese specialists. The engine’s fuel system is by Stanadyne. In China, the parent company, Yuchai, certainly does not need any further commercial leverage.  They’re mechanical engines, two valves per cylinder. There is a 3 cylinder, the 4 cylinders are both aspirated and turbocharged, with two settings each for genset applications. The injection pump is Stanadyne. The Stage V will obviously be common rail, of Bosch origin. The profile is straightforwardly industrial, with a camshaft in the crankcase. We asked Multipower if the perception of the Chinese product has changed.

Raywin in Europe
4D24 Fire Pump Engine

«We think so» they said. «The market demands are constantly growing. We’re pushing to get more usable units from the OEM point of view, without additional costs for the OEM, by integrating accessories like the flange and exhaust gasket, SAE 3 on 30 kVA and 40 kVA, instead of SAE4.»


Why Raywin, we asked. «The project proposed by Raywin convinced us for the quality, which allows us to propose a product that can be differentiated by value rather than price. The Raywin project has been conceived with western logic (Ricardo is a technological supplier), the pumps are Stanadyne, base, head, connecting rods and pistons are the same of other top level Western engine makers» they said.





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