Rolls-Royce is supplying a total of 31 mtu emergency gensets and a complete mtu EnergetIQ control system for the latest data center of a leading global provider of hyperscale data center solutions. The hyperscale data center, located near Osaka, is one of the largest data centres in Japan, with a designed capacity of 45.9MW. Designed specifically with the scalable capacity requirements of hyperscale and enterprise customers in mind, it gives users the flexibility to grow over the long term. According to Mordor Intelligence, Japan is one of the fastest growing digital content delivery markets in all of Asia, driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and the adoption of cloud technologies.

mtu containerized gensets provide power within seconds

Rolls-Royce Solutions Japan has already installed and commissioned eight of the 31 container gensets, which are based on 20-cylinder mtu Series 4000 engines. The remaining emergency generators will be added gradually as the data center’s capacity increases. The mtu containers compactly contain the diesel engine with generator, a switchgear – including the mtu EnergetIQ control and monitoring system – and all the necessary connections and supply systems and are installed outside of the building.

The fully redundant mtu EnergetIQ Manager used in Osaka monitors both the incoming grid connections and the status of all generators within the plant. It starts the emergency diesel generators in the event of a grid failure, regulates the supply of electricity to the consumers and ensures that the load is transferred back to the grid and the generators are stopped when the grid is stable again. The mtu EnergetIQ Manager is part of the new mtu automation ecosystem mtu EnergetIQ. It can control groups of power generation and storage facilities, as well as power distribution from generation to consumer. mtu EnergetIQ is used in a wide range of applications – from data centers to entire microgrids.

Rolls-Royce with 5 GWe one of the three largest suppliers of emergency power systems

Rolls-Royce is one of the three leading suppliers of emergency power systems for data centers worldwide and has supplied a total capacity of approximately 5 GWe of emergency generators to the global data center market. As the demand for data continues to rise, so does the need for data centers and mission critical backup power, which is provided by highly efficient and reliable diesel power systems.


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