Volvo Penta has recognized biodiesel as another recipe ingredient for decarbonisation, also in power generation. Collaboration in the South American country takes place through a triangular relationship between Volvo Penta, Brasil Geradores (BRG) and Binatural.

Binatural facility and BRG gensets powered by Volvo Penta

Binatural’s biodiesel facility runs three Volvo Penta-powered BRG gensets. This local experiment with biodiesel blends serves a twofold purpose: first, to streamline operational costs, and second, to give back excess energy to the local community. Simultaneously, it seeks to amass knowledge about how gensets can be a sustainable solution for addressing energy shortfalls. Binatural is the major Brazilian industrial group specializing in biodiesel.

A production plant on the scale of Binatural’s must not come to an unplanned stop at any time, which means the equipment must be extremely reliable,” explains Silvio de Oliveira, CEO of BRG Brasil Geradores. “The engines were trial tested for 2000 hours of continuous operation, blending in the biodiesel manufactured onsite by Binatural, and under our supervision, automation, and control technologies. Together, our efforts and knowledge are helping to redefine the future of sustainable biofuel use.”

Volvo Penta D16 fueled by biodiesel

These are the engines that give power to the generators sets by Brasil Geradores. We’re talking about an in-line 6-cylinder, 16.1-liter diesel genset engine, with electronic high-pressure fuel injection, overhead camshaft, turbo, and air-cooled exhaust manifold. According to Penta, The acquisition of three BRG Slim 625 kVA powered by  Volvo Penta’s TAD 1614GE engines is a testament to Binatural’s dedication to reliable and robust machinery. These engines, the backbone of the operation, have undergone rigorous testing, emerging as stalwart workhorses capable of continuous, efficient operation.

We want to use all the experience we gained from these trials to develop new projects with the aim of reducing emissions,” says Felipe Lopes, Industrial Sales Director, Volvo Penta Brazil. “Renewable sources of energy are an important component in our road to net-zero.”

In our industry, we must have equipment with high-quality standards that guarantees our availability to customers and partners with whom we have a solid relationship of trust,” concludes André. “BRG’s Volvo Penta-powered generators are now part of this large bold structure, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Now we have at home three generators powered in part by biodiesel that we produce – and we are very happy!” 


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