Yanmar has introduced a series of enhanced features to models in its portfolio of YDG Series generators and which are now available for the first time in Europe and meet Stage V emissions standards.

Featuring a host of engineering upgrades and powered by a state-of-the-art Yanmar air-cooled L-Series engine the series includes the re-engineered YDG3700, which has four models ranging from outputs of 3.3 kVA to 3.7 kVA, and the YDG5500 four-model series from 5.1 to 5.8 kVA.

Previously made in Japan, production of the sets has also been moved to Yanmar’s L-Series engine manufacturing facility in Italy which will greatly boost lead times for customers anywhere in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The upgraded YDG Series of generators is especially quiet and come in a versatile power range to meet many required outputs. Also, due to their very low fuel consumption, the generators can be used at full capacity for up to 10.5 hours.

Yanmar: new SD15 saildrive

Yanmar Marine International has announced the market launch of custom solutions to pair with the new SD15 saildrive by ZF, strengthening its comprehensive range of products for the sailing sector. The new systems for larger vessels up to 65 feet enables more boat owners and boat builders to benefit from the combined technology and efficiencies of Yanmar’s higher power common rail engines and compatible saildrive models.

Following the roll-out of the full range of easy-to-install and low-drag SD15 systems, Yanmar will offer the largest line-up of saildrive solutions on the market to cover an engine range from 10 HP up to 150 HP. The new saildrive, developed by partner ZF, is now available with the 4JH80 and 4JH110 engines, with the 4LV150-SD15 solution scheduled for launch in Q3 2022.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the latest Yanmar saildrive propulsion systems provide a new option for a vastly extended range of sailboats and catamarans, using engines from 80 HP upwards that have previously relied on conventional shaft drive lines. Compact, easy and safe to install with no specific alignments required, the SD15 simplifies the production process and reduces costs for OEMs while also allowing increased design flexibility and improved serviceability.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

The XC13 surely sounds agnostic in FPT Industrial’s unofficial nomenclature; it comes, indeed, with a tripartite certification: Euro 6E (winking an eye at the upcoming Euro 7), methane gas and also biofuel, with a link to hydrogen. Andrea Abbà, FPT’s product marketing manager, told us about dialogui...

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