Less than four months after Langley Holdings officially took ownership of Bergen Engines from Rolls-Royce, its Power Solutions Division is launching a combined microgrid offering, focused on a rapidly emerging mix of renewable energy sources. Microgrids with a high penetration of renewable energy sources have a vital role to play in the energy transition to net zero, but the natural fluctuations in output from those same renewable energy sources create a need for dispatchable balancing power that can kick in quickly when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing.

The combined offering from Langley subsidiaries Bergen EnginesPiller Power Systems and Marelli Motori, aims to meet the immediate requirements for microgrid balancing and stabilisation while mapping a path to eradicating carbon.

The H2-ready combustion engines from Bergen Engines, incorporating Marelli Motori alternators, can start up fast and maintain high efficiency levels at part-load operation, always keeping emissions and fuel consumption low. Piller’s stabilisation and storage systems make it possible to optimise the various power sources in a microgrid, thereby reducing investment and operational costs. The combined offering itself will ensure flexible, reliable and cost-effective power supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bergen Engines recently launched a comprehensive test programme towards zero carbon emission engines, aiming to develop a retrofit solution that will accept hydrogen content of up to 60%, and a solution that can accept 100% hydrogen for new engines to come. 

Bergen Power Solutions at the National Conference on Microgrids

The Power Solutions team will be presenting its new microgrid offering at the 10th National Conference on Microgrids on 31 March 2022 in Boston, US. The session “Optimising microgrid generation and stabilisation on the road to net zero” will explore technical challenges affecting support for renewable power generation, storage and stabilisation – and optimum ways to find sustainable solutions for integrated and islanded Microgrid development.


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