Cummins knows how to master electricity

Recently Cummins has been working hard to enhance its hybrid powertrain portfolio. We have witnessed it also at Intermat, in Paris. The latest release concerns li-ion batteries. In Hannover, on May the 15th, Cummins showcased battery packs and modules to cover from small to large commercial applications. They brought on stage the BP74E (74 kWh battery pack), BP35E (35 kWh battery pack), BM44E (44 kWh battery module) and BM20E (20 kWh battery module). On the one hand, low voltage packs will power material handling applications. On the other, high voltage energy dense battery systems will suit for long-range vehicles.

Modularity is the answer

Cummins designed these products to ensure high energy density and high performance. They opted for a modular approach in order to fit for different applications. In Hamburg, the company chose a wheeled loader to show its expertise featuring a Hybrid Power Plug In system. This combines battery power utilizing the BP35E with a compact engine-generator, which in this case was a 4-cylinder Stage V F3.8 engine.

100 years of experience, concentrated, says Andrew Penca

«With a 100-year-long track record of powering our customers’ success, Cummins is leading the way in transforming the future of transportation with our cutting-edge lithium-ion battery line up that’s part of a diverse power portfolio», said Andrew Penca, General Manager, Battery Systems at Cummins. Moreover, «Cummins is committed to investing $500 million in electrification over three years. These investments include innovation of fully electric and hybrid power solutions. It will serve our markets as they adopt electrification».

«Cummins now has unique Lithium-ion battery pack design expertise across the entire energy storage spectrum», said Penca. The recent battery pack acquisitions in the United States and in the United Kingdom played a key role. «We are pleased to release this new lineup and showcase how we are using our century’s worth of deep customer and market expertise».

Boosting the turbo

But electrification is not the only field in which Cummins is enhancing its know-how. In fact, they choose the IMechE International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging to display the progress achieved in Holset turbocharging technology. The conference offered a perfect context where to exhibit the result of 20,000 hours of research and development. The company improved durability, efficiency, and manufacturing of turbochargers. Enhancements apply to both on-highway and off-highway global markets.

Brett Fathauer, Executive Director of Research and Engineering at Cummins Turbo Technologies, commented on the release. «With customers demanding smaller engines with greater power density, along with lower emissions, the turbocharger remains one of the most critical components on a vehicle driveline. Cummins is dedicated to constantly exploring ways to improve turbocharger design. Investing heavily in advanced testing facilities and the top turbocharger engineers, we bring real benefits to the customer».

Among other results, Cummins optimized the wastegate bypass flow reintroduction to increase turbine stage efficiency. In addition, they optimized turbocharger rotor-floating ring bearing system. Furthermore, Cummins developed a lead-free corrosion resistant bearing system for turbocharger applications and applied additive material manufacturing. Moreover, they tested different materials to identify suitable coatings with the potential to deliver the required wide temperature range wear and friction performance.


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