Dellorto doesn’t just mean carburetors for motorcycles and throttle bodies, variable intake systems, compressor by-pass valves and so on. Dellorto is actively involved in the electrification strategy.


Dellorto and the thermal management: EXV

What is EXV? Dellorto official said: A key component for thermal management is the new electric expansion valve (EXV) designed by Dellorto. This electrically operated valve is a smart-actuator because it includes a control electronics connected via LIN (Local Interconnect Network) to the main control unit. The closed loop control of the valve opening is performed with a feedback signal coming from the linear position sensor (contact-less) by direct detection of the valve shaft position. Dellorto EXV is very compact and lightweight and the valve body is designed to be leak-proof. The fluidic and electrical interfaces can be customized for each specific application.

Dellorto’s innovation is also telematics: CEMP

And this happens in coordination with Universities environment. They talket to us about CEMP project.

Dell’Orto, OCTO, Energica, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia presented the new ambitious CEMP (Connected Electric Modular Powertrain) project, a sustainable innovation project for urban light mobility, last July 20th, during the event day of the Lombardy Region “Call-Hub: ideas that innovate”.
CEMP is, together with the other initiatives, the winner of the call for funding that promotes Research and Innovation of international scope in our territory. It is an ‘intelligent’ electric propulsion project for scooters and minivecars, characterized by sustainability in terms of energy, environment and safety. The synergy between electric propulsion, connectivity and driver assistance systems (ADAS) brings the following advantages: Zero emissions of carbon dioxide, pollutants and particulate matter at the exhaust, thanks to compact and highly efficient electric propulsion. Traffic reduction thanks to the characteristics of light vehicles and active urban flow monitoring systems of the collective driving style. Preventive accident reduction with native ADAS systems (intelligent speed limiter, blind spot detection, forward collision warning) and emergency assistance (E-call).
CEMP implements a global solution: together with the system components, services will be developed that can grow according to a collaboration model open to public and private actors outside the partnership, such as local administrations, road infrastructure managers, insurance companies and fleet managers for sharing, delivery and other services. The partnership aims at the creation of an urban laboratory near UNIMORE’s headquarters in Mantua, which will be the place where to test a new mobility ecosystem in Lombardy with an impact in different environmental, social, technological sectors. Despite the difficult situation for the economy and in particular the mobility sector, the CEMP partnership has kept an eye on the recovery, signing the agreement with the Lombardy Region in full lock-down phase and concluding without delay and with a spirit of adaptation to the new tools and the new context that requires, today more than ever, sustainable solutions for individual mobility in cities.


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