Delta, a provider of power and thermal management solutions, a few days ago inaugurated a new facility at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands to support the expansion of its industrial automation, industrial power supply and automotive business development, product testing and technical service in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA). Through the implementation of Delta’s smart energy-saving solutions and innovative eco-friendly design, the new 4,055-square meter facility is expected to consume 56.84% less electricity than traditional buildings annually. In recognition of those efforts, the Delta Helmond office, which will eventually house over 150 employees and further cement Delta’s leading capabilities for e-mobility, has been awarded a LEED Gold green building certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Ping Cheng, Chief Executive Officer at Delta Electronics, said, “Guided by its corporate mission, ‘To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow’, Delta has for long recognized energy conservation, green buildings and e-mobility as essential to help mitigate global energy crises. With this Helmond facility, we now have created 32 Delta green buildings across the world. Moreover, Delta’s long-term commitment to help mankind reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and its carbon footprint is reflected in the 35.9 billion kWh of electricity saved for our customers worldwide with Delta’s high-efficiency solutions between 2010 and 2021, our RE100 commitment to operate 100% on green electricity by 2030, and also in our unique e-mobility milestones, which include Delta becoming a leading automotive powertrain and electronics suppliers to the world’s largest EV makers while also having shipped more than 1.5 million EV chargers  worldwide over the past decade.”

The new office building is located at the vibrant Automotive Campus in Helmond (near Eindhoven), which is recognised as an international hotspot for companies in the automotive business. The new green building in Helmond is a showcase for Delta’s growing portfolio of smart energy-saving products and solutions:

  • Building Automation Solutions: The Energy Online building energy management system, constantly monitors energy consumption on the premises, while sensors and controllers from Austrian-based Loytec and Canadian-based Delta Controls, both Delta Group companies, help HVAC and lighting systems adapt automatically to the number of people in specific areas of the building. Delta’s UNONext indoor air quality monitoring systems are also supporting the Helmond office. Building access control surveillance is facilitated by systems from Delta’s subsidiary VIVOTEK, including fisheye network cameras as well as people counting cameras. In the parking area, a license plate recognition system and Delta’s LED streetlights are also installed for optimal security.
  • Smart Energy Solutions: A 133 kW solar PV system with Delta’s high-efficiency M70A series PV inverters and 360 solar panels generates renewable electricity for the Helmond building, sufficient to reach net-zero energy status during sunny days.
  • EV Charging Solutions: Both visitors and employees can also recharge their electric vehicles with Delta’s own fast DC and AC EV chargers, including the AC Max, which boasts up to 22kW AC power output, as well as a compact, aesthetic and easy-to-install design, thus, ideal for commercial and residential applications.


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