Geminiani signed an agreement with Enel X concerning Dynamico. The engine company has been active in the world of industrial applications after the World War II, from that region of Italy that made a fundamental contribution to the advancement of diesel technology.

Enel X and Geminiani

The Dynamico and Enel X, as it were, Geminiani adds another piece to the holy crusade for electrification. Remember, we spoke about this recently in a talk with Luigi Franchini, from the Italian company, in regard to the agreement with Ansaldo: “The Dynamico stores energy from various sources, including from Ansaldo Energia’s gas turbine.” From one major player in Italian industry, projected onto the international stage to another: Dynamico met Enel X on its way. Sharing Enel X’s vision of simplifying complexity through innovative and sustainable solutions designed to meet changing needs, Geminiani signed a technology collaboration agreement to “validate, check and show the Enel Group’s business units the Dynamico energy junction system”. As the company noted, it is an innovative solution, consisting of a storage and fast-charging system for electric vehicles that can be powered by no matter what primary source of electricity (grid, renewables, generators) and is capable of integrating the functions of a zero-delay uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a voltage stabiliser, and a frequency rectifier. In short, it brings “a change to the world of energy, integrating complex technologies into a simple and effective solution that enables opportunities for sustainable growth and progress, meeting the needs of people, businesses and cities”.

For decentralised energy management

Dynamico therefore becomes “a solution to the problem of advanced and decentralised energy management, based on the circular economy model”, offering new opportunities to improve people’s lives through electric mobility, smart and energy self-sufficient homes, smart cities and new business solutions. The purpose of the technological cooperation agreement is “the experimental check of the system’s characteristics, the identification of possible integrations and the evaluation of market opportunities, in full compliance with Enel X’s mission“, i.e. the identification, promotion and distribution of innovative products and services, including the issue of electricity storage.

geminiani enel x

During the twelve months of joint activity envisaged in the agreement, Geminiani will make its technicians available, who will work together with their colleagues from Enel X, according to the operational plan being defined between the parties. For over sixty years, Geminiani has been a leading player in the world of diesel engines (he designed the first diesel Alfa Romeo Giulia, then the long epic among industrial engines, with Perkins, mtu, Yanmar and other diesel engine manufacturers). Geminiani now intends to contribute “to the innovative collaboration offered by Enel X, becoming part of an ecosystem that goes beyond national borders to open up to a global dimension, with start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies, research centres and universities“.


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