Battery and energy, two terms that do not only match up with hardware, also with software. About: Energy, battery software company headquartered in London, announced a technology licensing agreement with the University of Portsmouth and University of Southampton, to advance battery modelling and accelerate electrification across the automotive and energy storage industry.

About: Energy forges an important upgrading battery technology

The partnership will see About:Energy develop the universities’ proprietary technology, DandeLiion, an ultra-fast system, designed to simplify and enhance the accuracy when it comes to the complex process of modelling advanced electrochemical battery systems. By harnessing DandeLiion technology with its own software platform The Voltt, About: Energy will significantly reduce the cost and timeline associated with battery development, also improving the way batteries are managed in the field to extend lifetime with partners. The start-up, which is a spinout from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham, plans to integrate DandeLiion into its software for the global market early next year. 

By improving the mathematics in battery models, it will enable the wider use of more advanced electrochemical models. These models are increasingly being employed in cell design and to shorten charging times. They provide critical insight into the physical processes occurring within a cell, thereby optimising performance and efficiency.

Chairman and Co-Founder, Neil Morris, said

The UK is renowned for its research excellence, but there’s a crucial need to translate this into tangible industry impacts. We’ve been collaborating closely with leading academic institutions like Southampton and Portsmouth to bridge this gap, ensuring that UK grant funding is not just an investment in research, but a catalyst for real-world innovation and economic growth.”

And Giles Richardson, Project Manager of DandeLiion

We are delighted to partner with About:Energy to bring DandeLiion to market. This breakthrough in battery modelling enables faster, more accurate simulations and wider application in cloud and embedded systems. By integrating DandeLiion into their platform, About:Energy is unlocking unprecedented progress in energy storage and management across automotive and renewables. We are proud our research will now translate into real-world impacts, supporting electrification and a sustainable future.



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