Another brick in the electrification wall has been put by Excillum and VCbattery. The cooperation on the demonstrator system using MetalJet X-ray technology could have significant implications for the EV industry.

To improve inline 3D CT for EV battery

The primary purpose of the demonstrator system is to showcase and commercialize the next generation of inline 3D CT (Computed Tomography) inspection systems for EV battery production. By using MetalJet X-ray technology, the system aims to demonstrate enhanced speed, performance, and cost-effectiveness for battery cell manufacturers. The system’s high throughput capability for inline battery inspection could be a game-changer for battery manufacturers. High throughput means a higher number of batteries can be inspected in a shorter amount of time, potentially improving production efficiency and reducing costs. With the increasing demand for EVs and battery packs, the ability to efficiently inspect batteries during production becomes crucial. The demonstrator system is located in Stockelsdorf, in the far north of Germany, near Lübeck.

Quoting VCbattery and Excilium

Together with Excillum, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of X-ray inspection,” says Guido Erbach, VCbattery. “This demonstrator shows that with a full rotational CT scan of an EV battery cell in just one second, it’s possible to increase inspection throughput to tens of thousands of cells per inspection system per day.

A critical part in EV battery cell production is quality control. With our solution, EV battery cell manufacturers can not only significantly lower the cost per scan, but also collect more comprehensive quality control data. We are very excited to be able to demonstrate this to the industry,” says Emil Espes, Excillum.


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