Hatz engines from all series are ready for EU Stage V

Hatz engines are finally ready to comply with the directive that’s been in force since 1 January 2019: EU Stage V. They are now available for machine manufacturers and all Hatz partners. Hatz engines for mobile machines received official certification from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The certification applies to air-cooled engines of the B-, D-, G-, L- and M-series with a power output of less than 19 kW.

The KBA also granted type approvals for the new Hatz H-series liquid-cooled engines that were specially developed for Stage V. The 3H50TICD and 4H50TICD three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines in power classes from 19 to 55 kW are now officially part of the EU Stage V family.


hatz engines 19 kW

For the environment: Hatz H-series

The Hatz H-series engines are a consistent new development based on the downsizing principle. The secret was: accurate selection of materials, together with components such as turbochargers. Or even the Bosch common rail system (off-highway version). They all came together to form a modern powerhouse with low displacement. To meet the requirements of EU Stage V, the three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines have also particular features. We are talking about a separable, and very maintenance-friendly, combination of Diesel Oxidation Catalytic converter and Diesel Particulate Filter (DOC/DPF).

With optiHEAT (optimised Hatz Exhaust Aftertreatment Technology), the Hatz engineers ensured the best possible design of the DPF in terms of size, optimum adaptation to the possible load profiles in use and a regeneration strategy in line with requirements. In addition, combustion is perfected with iHACS (intelligent Hatz Advanced Combustion Strategy).

iHACS ensures extremely low soot input from combustion as well as very low oil consumption and significantly reduced ash input into the filter. The result is a long filter service life with a comparatively small size. Hatz also achieved another innovation with diesel article filter regeneration. For the first time, an automatic cylinder deactivation during standstill regeneration appeared in an industrial diesel engines.



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