Following the successful launch of its hydrogen valley project in Mantua, global renewable energy developer Hive Energy has confirmed plans for a second hydrogen valley development, located in Ferrara.

Ferrara and Mantua are connected historically through the River Po, which was an important route for commercial exchange. Hive’s vision is to reopen this trading route to transport hydrogen and ammonia and has named the project Estense after the House of Este, the historic ruling family in Ferrara.

The connection of Ferrara and Mantua to the chemical sector through Montedison, has led to land within the region being significantly polluted. The Estense hydrogen valley will support the energy transition across northern Italy and will positively transform the city with the development of the hydrogen hub and the production of renewable fuel, bringing positive and much needed investment to the district.

Land for the site has been secured in an industrial zone in the city. Hive is in the process of applying for grants for the project and is also engaging with local engineers to support its construction.

Hive Energy has already successfully launched one hydrogen valley project in Italy. Earlier this year, Hive and Italian circular and renewable projects developer Renovo Bioeconomy, announced the establishment of a joint venture named RenHive, to develop green hydrogen projects in Italy utilising local renewable energy projects. The RenHive joint venture has enjoyed substantial success with raising grant funds for the Mantua project in which €20 million was awarded through the National Recovery and Resilience plan, the highest allowance available.

Stefano Salerno, Italian Country Manager at Hive Energy, and co-owner of the project, commented: “This project is very close to my heart. I grew up in Ferrara and attended the local University. I am excited to see the positive impact that the hydrogen valley will have on this area, as well as Italy’s overall green energy transition, in the coming years.”

Once complete the project will produce 1,500 tonnes of green hydrogen every year and will be powered by an on-site photovoltaics farm with an 18 MW capacity. The green hydrogen produced from this site will provide a low-emission fuel alternative for hard-to-abate sectors across Italy.

Following the launch of our Mantua green hydrogen project, Hive is continuing to prove itself as a leader of green hydrogen development in Italy. We are very excited to be working towards delivering these projects that will support Italy’s green energy transition and create a greener future for our planet,” Stefano Salerno continues.


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