Right at the beginning of 2024, the headline that CO2 emissions in Germany had fallen to a record level reached media attention. A study has evaluated the lowest level of greenhouse gas emissions in 70 years. On the one hand, the decline in coal-fired power generation is responsible for improving the climate balance. On the other hand, half of Germany’s green electricity is imported from renewable resources. Solar and wind energy from France, Denmark and Norway are considered to be the most important sources of supply. CO2 stagnation can be observed in the building sector, which – just like the mobility sector – needs proactive climate protection measures to achieve the energy transition. 

Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells with a quarter of a century of experience, Proton Motor Fuel Cell from the Munich metropolitan region, predicts dominant growth potential for the stationary market segment. In terms of “living of the future” through off-grid electricity and heat supply with hydrogen fuel cells “Made in Germany”, the investment offensive for the expansion of renewables can be made more dynamic. In particular, infrastructure projects, emergency power concepts and industrial decarbonisation respectively decentralisation strategies benefit from the brand portfolio of the H2 key player, which has recently been expanded to include the high-tech innovation “HyModule S4”. 

The new system offers a simple ‘plug and play’ solution for markets seeking an emission-free energy source alternative to traditional diesel and natural gas generators. This includes residential housing, small industrial complexes as well as emergency and off-grid power supply seeking seasonal energy storage and combined heat and power applications. The HyModule S4 product is designed to offer a lower power range, using Proton Motor’s proprietary “HyStack 200” liquid-cooled fuel cell technology. The introduction of this new product will be complementary to the company’s existing stationary application offerings, including the higher power HyModule S8 system. 

Proton Motor at the trade fairs

Bavarian fuel cell manufacturer meets hydrogen economy at important trade fair venues The HyModule S4 development will be officially presented for the first time at “HyVolution Paris 2024”, which is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for hydrogen technology. Proton Motor Fuel Cell will be exhibiting from January 30 to February 1 at booth no. 4F52. With the relocation of “E-world energy & water” to its traditional date in the winter quarter – and thus a step towards normality after exceptional years in the past – this trade fair venue from 20 to 22 February is also a must at booth no. 5H118 for the Bavarian fuel cell expert as a player in the energy industry. 

More than 500 companies will be showcasing their products for the use of hydrogen in industry at this year’s “Hannover Messe”. This makes the trade fair location in Lower Saxony the world’s most important and largest one for the hydrogen economy. From 22 to 26 April, users of the H2 key technology will be able to get a holistic picture of the innovative and competitive capabilities of Proton Motor hydrogen fuel cells at the “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe” industry platform. A live home match for the HyModule S4 launch will be made possible by participation in “ees Europe” in the state capital of Munich in 2024. To mark the occasion, the sales team at booth no. B2.450H also has a focus on the modular turnkey power plant “HyShelter 240”. The core components of the containerised Proton Motor solution for the generating of electrical and thermal energy, which has already established itself as a bestseller since its market maturity in 2021, are based on three “HyFrame” systems. 


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