Rolls-Royce Power Systems Chief Technology Officer and COO, Otto Preiss, solarcomplex CEO Bene Müller and property owner Gerhard Weber opened the new Berghof solar park in Tengen, southern Germany, on Friday 3 June 2022 opened the new Berghof solar farm in Tengen, southern Germany, in early June 2022. (In the opening picture, from left to right, Otto Preiss, Tengen Mayor Marian Schreier, Gerhard Weber and Bene Müller.)The plant will generate around four million kilowatt hours of CO2-free electricity per year for Rolls-Royce Power Systems. The plant has an output of 3.7 megawatts and will generate around four million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, saving 1,300 tons of CO2 a year compared with electricity available through the German grid network.

Rolls-Royce focuses on sustainable power generation 

The new solar park takes Rolls-Royce another step closer to its goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and facilities as Power Systems has signed a power purchase agreement with the operators for an initial period of ten years. “With our Net Zero at Power Systems program, we are pursuing strict climate protection targets,” explained Otto Preiss. “With ambitious interim targets for 2030, we aim to be completely climate neutral by 2050 across all global sites and areas from production to supply chains to our product portfolio, i.e. in all three recognized categories Scope 1, 2 and 3.” 

The company’s own sustainable power generation is a key element in saving greenhouse gas emissions. “In order to increase the feed-in of electricity from renewable sources into the grid near our plants, we are working even more closely with local partners. We are pleased to have found an experienced and competent cooperation partner in solarcomplex and to open the new solar park together today,” explained Preiss.

solarcomplex has already realized solar power plants with a total output of 50 megawatts

The civic enterprise solarcomplex has set itself the goal of converting the regional energy supply largely to renewable energies by 2030. Solar power plants with a total output of over 50 megawatts have already been realized as roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems, as well as regenerative heating networks in 18 communities. “Throughout Germany, the expansion of renewable power generation must be accelerated, and Baden-Württemberg has a particularly high need to catch up. This can only succeed if more and larger projects are also implemented for ground-mounted solar parks. Our Berghof solar park shows how it can be done,” said solarcomplex CEO Bene Müller.


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