Fabio Buzzi crashes the record, again

Fabio Buzzi and his creature, the speed boat from FB Design, broke the speed record of the category, marking an astonishing peak of 277,515 kilometers per hour. He achieved the successful result in his homeland, Italy, on the waters of Como Lake. This means that he’s now in Guinness World Record‘s annals. Well, he already was. It was 1992 when he reached the speed of 252 kilometers per hour. Already at that time, using a Seatek-powered boat, he has been able to beat the previous diesel record. But his series of successes dates back at least to 1979 when, with a Vm, he reached the incredible speed of 191 kilometers per hour. The threshold of 200 kilometers per hour was conquered only in 1982 when Carlo Bonomi‘s speedometer stopped at 213 kilometers per hour (thanks to Isotta Fraschini). Like to say, Italians have speed in their veins!

FB Design, speed and longevity

Records themselves are obviously great achievements that few people have the chance to get. But this is not the only thing that should make Fabio Buzzi proud. FB Design is, in fact, the company that he, being also a mechanical engineer, established in 1971. The original purpose was to build high performance motor boats and marine transmissions. We are talking about the renowned Trimax drives, that now FB Design produces in partnership with the Geman company ZF.

Cursor 16, born to win

The heart that beats inside the water monster is the Fpt Industrial Cursor 16. The same engine that in 2014 won the Diesel of the year award. And it is the same 15,9 liters engine that you can find under the bonnet of New Holland‘s combine harvesters. Therefore it is a mainly agricultural (often used also on gensets) engine. Nevertheless it can provide, thanks to specific customizations, not less than 1.250 kilowatts. Two variable geometry turbines replaced the previous waste gate valves. This allowed the Cursor 16 to improve its performances, while keeping a constant power supply. The water cooled system collects the liquid from within the titanium rudder.

Fpt and FB Design, a fruitful relationship

Together, Fpt and FB design already won 32 titles, 15 world championships and 17 international competitions. Just to quote a couple of them, in 2012 Fabio Buzzi (and FB Design) in Col Moschin set a new record in the New York to Bermuda long distance Challenge. Back in 2010 it was time for the Marathon World Cup. After all, and being Fabio Buzzi 75 years old, it still makes sense to wander what’s next…


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