Beyond Iveco, what is behind an industrial constellation with a strong vocation in heavy duty roads, which finds in FPT Industrial the mastermind capable of matching the needs of efficiency, cost of ownership, emissions and decarbonisation?

Beyond the obvious. With IVECO and FPT Industrial

It is only in terms of overall efficiency that one can assess the actions of an engine manufacturer in the face of the challenges of the energy transition. Francesco Tanzi, the CFO, gives us the first enlightening figures: during 2022, the Group will spend 450 million euros on research and development, in Italy alone. Efficiency is difficult to express best in a solitary key, that is, trying to interpret the crystal ball in disdainful solitude. FPT Industrial and Iveco Group have established a dense web of relationships with interlocutors capable of interacting and satisfying the many requirements in the pipeline, from digitalisation to the Internet of Things, to polluting emissions. We have written about one of them in advance and it concerns the agreement with Blue Energy Motors for the liquefied natural gas motorisation of trucks for the Indian market, with FPT Industrial’s N67 NG.

A brief summary of Iveco Group agreements

In the network of agreements knitted by the Iveco Group, the one with Nikola and with ENI are well known. Having dwelt on Blue Energy Motors, let us now say a few words about HTWO, Hyundai Motor Groups hydrogen brand. Iveco Bus is participating in European tenders for fuel cell-powered buses with Htwo technology. A few other names are worth mentioning, starting with Iveco Driver Pal, the fruit of collaboration with Amazon Web Services. It is, it has to be said, a pioneering voice-activated travel companion that allows the driver to interact with the vehicle and other drivers via Amazon Alexa voice commands. The partnership with Microvast got a boost in January 2022, with the announcement of a complete battery pack for the Crossway low-floor vehicles for both urban and intercity transport. This next-generation battery pack will provide the Crossway LE with up to ten years of battery life. At the end of March 2022, the Group signed a memorandum of understanding with ENEL X, to explore a possible collaboration to exploit the full potential of electric mobility for commercial vehicles in Europe. With Plus, a leader in autonomous vehicles for trucking, Iveco signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint development of self-driving commercial vehicles integrating the state-of-the-art PlusDrive complete autonomous driving system on the S-Way.

CEO, Gerrit Marx. So, why Beyond?

The main thrust of our week-long event is to showcase the new Iveco Group which brings together eight brands, each a recognised international leader in its field. We will be highlighting our three key pillars of Technology, Sustainability and Partnership. We are here to discuss and exchange ideas with valuable stakeholders and partners as we move forward together towards a net-zero future, where we can ensure access to reliable and sustainable energy. This is a stage to showcase Iveco Group’s ability to innovate both its products and service offering in a fast-changing landscape where we must understand the future of road transport, urban mobility, powertrain and emerging technologies, smart factories and completely new business models – some of which have yet to be discovered.  We have added fast developing strategic partnerships in our drive forward. Partnerships that are beneficial to both parties and you will recognise many of their names; Hyundai, Nikola, Amazon, Snam, Shell, PLUS a.i., Air Liquide and Enel, to name just a few, all sharing their wide breadth of know-how for the ultimate benefit of our joint customers. As we embark seriously on these transformational changes, I would respectively call on Institutions here represented, to further support the entire national industrial base, supply chain, and in particular, small and medium enterprises, which is fundamental in ensuring that they are able to cope with the current inflationary increases and volatile costs of energy and raw material. We are excited and not intimidated by these challenges. Change is good and offers the biggest opportunities for those, like us, who aim higher, think bolder and question established industry paradigms for the greater good of sustainability. And so, we look Beyond the obvious, beyond just vehicles, beyond what our business is today. Our industry transforms and we go Beyond… 

…Beyond Turin, our home; Beyond to where we see a relevant, profitable, and sustainable future for the new Iveco Group. 

beyond iveco
Gerrit Marx, CEO Iveco Group


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