CHN Industrial and IVECO continue their collaboration, despite the spin-off, together with ENI. A partnership between Italian companies in the name of sustainability.

CNH Industrial, IVECO and ENI

ENI, CNH Industrial and IVECO Group have signed a memorandum of understanding for potential joint social development initiatives in countries of common interest in the areas of agriculture, sustainable mobility and education, contributing in their respective industries. Specifically, the parties will focus on enhancing the value chain in the agricultural sector to promote food security, increase the efficiency of farming and farmers’ access to the market – including through the development of solutions for more sustainable logistics and the movement of goods and people. Another important aspect of the partnership is professional training for young adults, students and entrepreneurs, as well as interaction with local communities, through an approach based on listening and dialogue, and initiatives tailored to specific local needs. The partnership will enable the provision of tangible social support through investment in the creation of high-quality training courses, thus expanding educational opportunities for young adults with a view to their entry into the workplace.

The voices of the three players involved

This memorandum of understanding demonstrates the key role of the private sector in development financing, as highlighted by the UN Conference in Addis Ababa in 2015. Three leading private companies are pooling their expertise and experience in developing cooperation projects, technical training, and mechanisation to promote access to education and economic diversification in the relevant areas, boosting sustainability in the agricultural supply chain in the food and energy sectors,” said Guido Brusco, General Manager Natural Resources of Eni.

In today’s operating environment, individual initiatives are not always enough to effectively achieve the sustainability goals set by the international community. At CNH Industrial, we want to make our contribution to identifying and developing pioneering solutions and increasing sustainable agricultural practices. This is a sector that derives its strength from quality, production, traceability and having close ties to the land. It is also deeply impacted by the technological challenges of our present and future,” said Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture, a brand of CNH Industrial. “The climate crisis, the ecological transition and the safeguarding of the environment are issues that require companies such as CNH Industrial to lead the way and be a driving force in addressing these challenges. Thanks to this agreement with Eni and Iveco Group, we are confident that we can efficiently and effectively further develop our activities in this space.

New sustainable transport solutions must help achieve decarbonization and environmental protection targets. In the meantime, it is important to support continuous training projects that address the new challenges facing the entire production chain in the countries where we operate,” commented Michele Ziosi, Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations & Sustainability, Iveco Group.The ecological transition challenge must also bring about opportunities for economic and social growth. We will join forces with Eni and CNH Industrial to leverage each other’s expertise and pursue our commitment to accessible, inclusive and sustainable mobility.”

The non-exclusive memorandum of understanding will derive opportunities for genuine, innovative collaboration to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



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