FPT Industrial will be exhibiting at Busworld 2023 (Brussels, Belgium, 6-12 October 2023). At its stand, FPT will be showing off its comprehensive range of innovative and sustainable solutions for mass transport, inspired by a consistent strategy that aims to mutually satisfy environmental requirements, those of transport companies, and those of the passengers on board. 

Held since 1971, Busworld is the largest bus and coach-only B2B exhibition in the world, and the 2023 edition will feature all the main bus OEMs, representing about 80% of total vehicle production in Europe and Turkey. For its debut as an independent exhibitor at Busworld, FPT Industrial will be showcasing products and solutions both in the internal combustion engine and in the ePowertrain segments, in which the brand holds leading positions. 

In the ePowertrain segment, FPT Industrial is quickly becoming a serious player in the market, thanks in no small part to the opening of its dedicated ePowertrain Plant in Turin (Italy) in October 2022

Visitors to the brand’s stand at Busworld 2023 will be able to see three highly awaited ePowertrain products. The 37 kWh eBS37 EVO battery pack for minibuses with high energy density of up to 140 Wh/kg, up to eight years’ warranty, and new best-in-class safety features (ECE R100.3). This battery pack adopts the eBM5, the first BMS developed by FPT Industrial, featuring advanced BMS algorithms to enhance safety, accuracy, and performance. The third product on display will be the 69 kWh eBS69 battery pack for buses, with best-in-class energy density of up to 178 Wh/kg, up to ten years’ warranty, and perfectly shaped for bus applications, optimizing installation in customer vehicles. 

The eBS37 battery model is also at the center of a new partnership between FPT Industrial and Reefilla, an innovative Turin-based startup offering the first predictive mobile charging service for commercial fleets and private users. The pilot project aims to give a second life to batteries from commercial electric vehicles and minibuses. eBS37 batteries no longer suitable for electric traction purposes will be delivered to Reefilla, which will recover the batteries’ modules and over 50% of their internal components. The components will then be installed in Reefilla’s Fillee mobile power banks, for use in recharging its customers’ electric vehicles. 

In the ICE bus business, FPT Industrial is a proven full-service manufacturer with both diesel and natural-gas engines in the 3-8.7 liter range, covering minibus, city/intercity bus, and coach applications. Through Iveco Bus, FPT is the market leader in the intercity segment

At Busworld 2023, the brand will be presenting its N67 NG engine, featuring best-in-class performance capabilities of up to 285 HP and 1250 Nm, low fuel consumption, reduced engine noise compared to diesel engines thanks to FPT Industrial’s multipoint stoichiometric combustion, and reductions in CO2 emissions of up to 15% (WHTC) vs equivalent diesel engines. Optimized for city and intercity buses, the Euro VI Step E compliant N67 NG engine is a sustainable, ready-to-use solution


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