FPT Industrial Longrun(s), in the sense that it works in the short and long term in reducing exhaust emissions. A contribution that applies to both off-highway and onroad. FPT Industrial’s involvement in onroad initiatives is certainly not new, given its familiarity with the bus&truck. Do you remember HD-GAS?

Fpt Industrial Longrun
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FPT Industrial Longrun. What is this?

FPT Industrial further confirms its commitment to sustainability and research into alternative propulsion solutions for the on-road segment, taking part in LONGRUN, a European Union Horizon 2020 innovation programme. The LONGRUN acronym stands for the development of efficient and environmentally friendly LONG-distance poweRtrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches.

LONGRUN brings together 30 partners, Including FPT Industrial’s sister brand IVECO, from 13 countries across Europe, who are joining forces to accelerate the path towards a smarter and more sustainable future. The ambitious goal of the LONGRUN initiative is the reduction of real driving emissions and fuel consumption in the long-haul transport sector, supporting decision making with most recent and validated results, as well as making recommendations for future policies.

Efficient powertrains, including hybrid ones

Within the project, a further achievement will be the simulation supporting the design and development of efficient powertrains, including hybrids for both trucks and coaches. The partners will develop eight demonstration units (three engines, one hybrid driveline, two coaches and three trucks) so as to accelerate the transition from fossil-based fuels to alternative and renewable alternatives. The LONGRUN project will contribute to lowering the environmental impact of heavy-duty vehicles by developing different engines, drivelines and demonstrator vehicles with 10% energy saving and 10% CO2 saving, 30% lower exhaust emissions (NOx, CO and others), and 50% peak thermal efficiency.

Fpt Industrial Longrun

Renewable fules in Europe

With the proposed initiatives, a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology and internal combustion engines operating on renewable fuels in Europe will be guaranteed, underlining how a multipower approach is necessary to achieve these sustainable targets.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

The XC13 surely sounds agnostic in FPT Industrial’s unofficial nomenclature; it comes, indeed, with a tripartite certification: Euro 6E (winking an eye at the upcoming Euro 7), methane gas and also biofuel, with a link to hydrogen. Andrea Abbà, FPT’s product marketing manager, told us about dialogui...

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