The collaboration between Quantron and Ballard Power System is a long-lasting one. Just before the IAA exhibitions, the two companies announced that Ballard will be among the main investors in the Quantron project, with the latter introducing some great new products in Hanover. Now, Quantron made public the order of 140 Ballard fuel cell modules due to “extraordinarily high customer requests”, as stated by the German Group.

Ballard fuel cells in the new hydrogen truck

The Quantron QHM FCEV hydrogen truck, introduced as a world premiere at IAA 2022, integrates in its 44-ton variant the FCmove-XD 120 kW fuel cell from Ballard Power Systems. Following the official launch, more than 250 initial inquiries and the first orders for the vehicle have already been placed. These include Germany with a particularly high demand in the context of the recent funding applications as well as Norway for which the Quantron QHM FCEV 44-2000 variant was specially developed as an operating area.

As a result, Quantron ordered 140 fuel cell engines from Ballard to secure the supply chain, totaling approximately 17MW with an option to purchase an additional 50 units. The fuel cell modules are expected to be delivered in 2023 and 2024.

Statements from Quantron and Ballard

We are seeing growing global demand and policy support for zero emission transport as companies strive to reach decarbonization targets. This collaboration accelerates our entry into the European truck market and aims to have Quantron’s initial hydrogen-powered, zero emission trucks on the road in the next 18 months,” said Randy MacEwen, CEO, Ballard Power Systems.

Quantron is thrilled to advance our strategic partnership with Ballard. We see compelling mobility use cases where fuel cell engines are the most suitable zero emission solution, given the power and range requirements of the application,” commented Andreas Haller, founder, and Chairman of Quantron AG.

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG added, “We want to offer our customers the best solution possible, and our continued collaboration with Ballard allows us to advance our environmentally friendly offerings to meet our customers’ needs, including range, payload, and refueling time, with an increasingly competitive total cost of ownership. As a next step we need to solve the chicken and egg situation and form multiple green hydrogen production & fueling partnerships.”


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